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Horoscope 2013

1st decan June 22 – July 1
2nd decan July 01-12
3rd decan July 13-22

The dark and difficult times you have faced in recent years will be a distant memory. The stars in 2013 will allow you to recover, enjoy your emotions to the fullest and to rediscover the romantic nature. In addition, you will be in practice, determined and willing to implement projects to achieve your goals. In other words, this year will be a crescendo: you catch up gradually and be able to test themselves in new situations that will enable you to let you know, improve your prestige and take a responsible attitude and less impulse to relations.

2013 seems to be divided in half for you. The first time will last until the end of June and will be quieter, while the second half will be particularly interesting and eventful. In fact, Jupiter will enter your sign on June 26th, and you will also be supported by brilliant Mercury and Mars in your sign, while Saturn in Scorpio will offer its trine of reinforcement. In the end, this will be a good year. Although you should not expect Pennies from Heaven, you will be able to realize projects that are critical to your life, if you agree and give your best on all fronts. In fact, the planets will help you find your expectations and achieve the goals you have cherished for a long time. The most important change in 2013 will be that you will feel stronger, with greater confidence in themselves and in order to be able to dedicate yourself to those goals that are in harmony with your nature. In this way, those around you will be more willing to support you and approve your choices. Your desire to come to the fore grow from day to day, and you’ll once again the undisputed star of your life. In fact, you may even feel a sort of “omnipotence” which will prompt you to realize your ideas and implementing projects running successfully.

With regard to your professional sphere, the trine of Saturn will be particularly challenging and will make you feel more willing to accept new challenges, to try all the important initiatives and to take the prestigious role. You can participate in some long-term projects (which could take up to several years), so you’ll be able to show your professional competence and to be diplomatic enough to neutralize the “attacks” of those people who might want to put the sticks in your wheels. On the other hand, the opposition of Pluto in Capricorn can interfere with the action of strengthening of Saturn and cast a shadow on your reputation, because someone might not take kindly to your success. So, do not get involved in arguments or fights, but be prepared to react accordingly in order to conquer anyone who tries to oppose you, even by legal action.

It is worth mentioning that your score will benefit in the long term trine to Mercury in Pisces from February 5 in the morning of 14 April, while Chiron and Neptune will also be support by the same sign. This favorable combination will help you to be more intuitive and sharpen your wits, inviting you to broaden your horizons and add new dimensions of knowledge. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of new job opportunities or participate in stimulating teamwork. This period will offer you many alternatives, which may allow you to make a radical change in your professional sphere, as the square of Uranus in Aries is telling you to do for a few years. This will be a special time for those of you who want to make all the choices that are more in tune with their spiritual values, as it is possible to make some new knowledge that could help us to live in harmony with a new existential dimension. In this regard, you will be able to expand your circle of friends, which could stimulate your thirst for knowledge and inner evolution.

The arrival of Mercury in your sign on May 31 will bring us a step out of the ordinary for your work, and this in the long term will last until August 8. During this period, you will be able to rely on additional support of Mars and Jupiter, which is the transit your sign from June. Such a promising combination will provide you with an extra dose of energy and creativity and to take advantage of the professional resources in order to achieve outstanding results. You can also count on an unexpected stroke of luck, since it can have many profitable opportunities that may help you to live on a reserve safety of certainty in the coming months. In any case, this is an ideal time to test themselves in new projects, as you will feel particularly inspired.

The summer months will be significant for those of you who want to enter the world environment, since you will be able to find a job that will meet your needs, both professionally and economically. On the other hand, those of you who want to change your job will be offered some opportunities, but it is necessary to carefully evaluate all proposals with the support of the trine Saturn, which will help you stay shiny and make wise decisions.

Regarding your sentimental sphere, this year will offer many opportunities for interesting meetings and meet that special someone, that could revolutionize your life for the better. In any case, those of you who are native to the second and third deans may establish a karmic relationship (especially in the month of January or the last months of the year). In this case, you should be careful, because this type of connection can not be all roses. In addition to the above, you can enjoy the pleasures of love from February 26 to March 22, while Mars will make you bold and stimulate your erotic feelings until March 12. Deeply romantic atmosphere will be particularly useful for those long-term relationships who want to regain their former glory.

Your love season will run from June 3 to 27. Even if it is short, it will be generous in promoting encounters and emotions in your family sphere. In fact, a little ‘new relationship can make you feel a real sense of belonging, complicity and the realization, as has not happened for a long time. The most promising day affairs of the heart will be June 10 to 11. Finally, the period during which you will be able to implement any project in your emotions will be from September 11 to October 7, when you can decide to live with their partner or marry. If you’re single, you might meet someone who might be willing to accompany you for a long period of your life. In fact, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio will help you to be responsible and practical in your romantic relationships, so you’ll be able to engage and take some common decisions, in order to strengthen your relationship or make it official.

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