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Nail art and shadows on the nails, beauty tips for nails, with new makeup trends. It is increasingly seek techniques, for shadows art color, which as you know is born, with the technique of hair coloring that sees the ends of the hair lighter of a pair of tones with respect to the root.

Since the technique has been used also as regards the makeup, by the greatest fashion design fashion. The makeup is no longer the same, even in the parades, are made on the models of perfect shades of color on the lips!
Beauty tips and nails art of the shadows new makeup trends, it seems to have no end, this technique of “nuance”, so to speak, also arrived on the nails, where fantasy is mixed with colors and artistic ideas.

Beauty tips and nails art of the shadows new makeup trends. Shadows nails is divided broadly into two types: two-tone nails that they see on each nail the shade of a darker shade in the lighter or conversely, nails and different from one another they see the declination of the same color in different shades , from the most subtle to the most pronounced, if you are not equipped with five glazes in shades you can achieve in your own home by mixing white to your color. Pour a few drops of nail polish on a chosen surface, add a drop or two of white and mixed with a small brush. For the nails subsequent add another white, so as to obtain shades gradually clearer.

How about Beauty tips and nails art of the shadows new makeup trends?
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