Butterfly tattoos on the skin of Belen Rodriguez beauty tips

Butterfly-tattoos-on-the-skin-of-Belen-Rodriguez-beauty-tips-image-1Butterfly tattoos on the skin of Belen Rodriguez beauty tips with new recipes and trends for the skin and a guide to modern fashion makeup and lifestyle.





















When you are going to get a tattoo, especially if it is the first, the classic question we ask is: “Is it okay now, but when I’m 70 ?.”

Butterfly-tattoos-on-the-skin-of-Belen-Rodriguez-beauty-tips-image-3      Butterfly-tattoos-on-the-skin-of-Belen-Rodriguez-beauty-tips-image-4


Well, tattoos are indelible brands that we carry on the skin, especially the girls, they know how important it is that they are harmonious and meet us and to our being, then if you have to choose the subject for your first tattoo, rely on what is a real must, which will never be considered old-fashioned or out of place – the butterflies!


Now that the vexed question of wearing / not wearing underwear seems to have been resolved – it seems that the Argentine showgirl wearing a Strapless Panty the attention of many curious focused on his tattoos: a butterfly drawn just above the groin.

Many are now willing to bet that this symbol, which is already very popular – as you can see in the gallery below – will become the subject of many new tattoos.

Beyond what may be personal considerations, the butterfly has many meanings. According to the expert of semantics and symbolism Renucio Boscolo, this insect represents freedom, the grace and lightness.


“The butterfly emerges from the caterpillar – said the scholar to ‘AdnKronos – so it can also mean a metaphor indicating a transition, a process, an evolution . In short, the innate ability to innovate, to go through phases and periods. “


The tattoo of a butterfly, especially in women, is a popular choice for those who approach for the first time in the world of body art, especially when you decide to opt for a tattoo simple and not too flashy.


Here are some pictures from which to draw inspiration for your tattoo, it’s the first, third or fifth … remember, true, that must always be even?

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