Couperose beauty treatments and natural cosmetics to use

Couperose beauty treatments and natural cosmetics to use and tips online last trends for beauty and wellness with news of products in shops in many other articles.












Couperose beauty treatments and natural cosmetics to use:

Couperose treatments and cosmetics for beauty advice. Couperose is a disorder caused by a poor surface circulation and Couperose-beauty-treatments-and-natural-cosmetics-to-use-6is manifested by redness mostly concentrated in the cheek area.May be caused by very different factors, among which a dietary regimen wrong, transmissions genetic …
The greatest enemies of Couperose are the excessive heat and cold, sudden temperature changes, smoking and alcoholic beverages. Useful Tips:
– Not into the sun before applying a cream for total protection.
– Drink lots of water, 2/3 liters per day.
– Eat slowly.
– Apply masks and soothing creams.How to wear makeup?
With the creams coverage, which base their effectiveness on the natural contrast between the green and the red and the green covering on the action on red. The application of creams Green takes a few simple steps, following them you will get a great natural effect:
1. Spread a thin layer on the affected area cover dark circles.
2. Massage the area with your fingertips until you have a homogeneous preparation.
3. Leave absorb the cream for 5-6 minutes.
4. Switch with loose powder shades of pale green.
5. Now you can go to the foundation, making sure to cover well the area affected by rosacea. Spread it always massaging with the fingertips.

Couperose beauty treatments and natural cosmetics to use:


6. Apply the normal loose powder.What other cosmetic use?
• Barrier creams, usually act against the major causes of redness, ie the radiation of the sun (reflecting them) and on changes in temperature, creating a subtle but effective protective barrier.



Couperose beauty treatments and natural cosmetics to use:
• The creams attenuating, are usually made of zinc oxide, vitamin C and vitamin factor P.
These active ingredients from the great anti-inflammatory power, occur naturally in blueberries, in the ivy, nell’ippocastano in butcher’s broom and gotu kola.
Ask in perfumery mitigating creams with extracts of calendula and chamomile, stimulate the microcirculation of capillaries and are valid decongestants.


• The preparations cosmoceutici, are a great and effective compromise between the drugs and cosmetics.
Most indicated in the treatment of rosacea are those based on retinaldehyde.
Also at the table can counter Couperose with diet and calibrated with fruit, such as citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit), kiwi and berries. Couperose beauty treatments and natural cosmetics to use:


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