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Cure toenails mycosis

Wellness and health toenails mycosis remedies and cures nails thick and ingiallite.La typical nail disease, especially of the feet, is infection by a fungus (fungus) that attacks one or more of them. It is easily recognized as it is manifested by a yellowish or whitish below the tip of the unghiee spreading, makes them until they thicken then crumble away from the sides.


As the infection continues to spread if it is not specifically treated, you should contact your doctor as soon as you notice the small spot below the top of the nails, in order to intervene as soon as possible. Identify the infection and the cause of it, is crucial to decide which is the most effective therapy to your specific case; specialists to consult are the podiatrists and dermatologists.


Be careful then, if you see that your nails become thicker than normal, if they are opaque (not shiny), brittle, fragile and uneven (dark precisely because of the fragments that accumulate below) and if you have deformations, as these are the typical symptoms of the disease.
The cause of mycosis:
The case is precisely the proliferation of fungi (group of dermatophytes, yeasts and molds) that live in warm, moist environments (showers and swimming pools) and can penetrate the skin through small cuts or even, in that there may be slight separation between the ‘ nail and its nail bed. They spread then only if the same nails are continually exposed to heat and humidity: it is for this reason that the foot mycosis occur most often confined in shoes in the dark, hot and humid and with a circulation less than the hands (then the action of the immune system to fight infection and elimination is more difficult).


The disease is therefore also more common in the elderly, who have naturally thicker and nails grow more slowly in men and those who possess certain characteristics such as: excessive sweating, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, other injury or infection to the skin or nails existing diabetes, circulatory problems, problems with immune system or undertake risky behaviors for this purpose (doing work in a damp environment, do not use socks and shoes breathable and non-absorbent sweat, walk barefoot in damp areas).
How to treat fungal toenails?


How to cure general, we can indicate the use of antifungal creams, gels, sprays, ointments and pay particular attention to keeping your feet clean and dry. There are also drugs, however, oral, that may be prescribed by the doctor (terbinafine itraconaxzolo): These are meant to grow a new healthy nail to take the place of the infected nail. Must be taken for 6-12 weeks and the growth of new nail, and thus the elimination of infection, it is slow, and relapses are possible; also have side effects such as rashes and liver damage and therefore must be evaluated before the situation by the physician.
Other therapies are:
– Drugs for topical use: are usually employed together with a urea-based lotion, which helps to speed up the absorption and, together with oral medications because, if taken by themselves, are not an effective remedy. Filing the nail surface and decreasing the amount of nail tissue to cure, it is all the more effective the drug for topical use.


– Enamel antifungal: is used if the infection is mild or moderate, because it has the active substance tioconazole (Trosyd ®) is more effective and practical if it is based amorolfine (Locetar ®). Must be applied on the infected nail and surrounding skin once a day.
After 1 week, are removed with the alcohol layers applied in those seven days and siricomincia a new cycle of applications: it is necessary 1 year applications.
– Surgery: is used if the infection is severe or extremely painful, and involves the removal of the nail, so that the same regrows alone healthy. Sometimes surgery is used in conjunction with ciclopirox to treat the nail bed.
– Photodynamic therapy: is used to irradiate the nail, treated with an acid, with a laser beam.
– Medicinal plants such as tea tree and calendula. The first is a plant used mainly in the form of essential oil and has a strong
antifungal effect, bacteriostatic, antiacneico, antiseptic, healing. For this is indicated to treat fungal infections of the feet in addition to hands and even candidiasis (vaginal fungal infections), acne, insect bites, sores, dandruff, gum problems. Generally assumes the form of gel, cream, solutions for gargling (based essential oil) and pure essential oil; no side effects if not minor burns of the skin in the case of specific allergy.
The calendula however, is usually in the form of ointment or tincture and is used as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant,
healing (external use) and a diuretic, blood depurative, sudorific, immunostimulant (indoor use). So in the first use, it is ideal in case of burns, bruises, sunburn, fungal infections, skin lesions and vaginal candida (do not use the ointment on open wounds that bleed though!), While for internal use in cases of liver problems , painful menstruation and sore throat.


Home remedies:
Methods “home” as the vinegar and Vicks VapoRub ®. The first is able to inhibit the growth of certain types of bacteria: just do a
footbath of 15-20 minutes (1 part of vinegar and 2 of warm water) and then rinse and dry the feet, once a day ( if it is irritating, do only two or three times a week, or increase the amount of water in the mixture) or bathing in hot water, apple cider vinegar and salt, or more, by applying the vinegar directly with cotton.
As for the first, even Vicks VapoRub ® seems to be effective as a remedy, but to the manner and frequency of application, it is best to always consult your doctor, there are still no clinical trials to try again. Other possible remedies include garlic (to rub on the infected area and surrounding), lemon (to squeeze the area and allow to dry slowly), chamomile (take a bath with this concentrate for 5 minutes), cinnamon (set 2 cinnamon sticks in 3 lt. of water on the fire and let it marinate for 6 hours or more, and then apply), salt (prepare a paste of baking soda with water, then applying on the affected areas every day, let dry and rinse) , natural yogurt (to rub on the affected areas), thyme and black walnut (in tincture, extract or infusion).
Infusions to prepare at home:
How infusions precisely you can also realize: salt, lemon and garlic (boil 2 lt. Of water, 3 lemons, 1 tablespoon salt, 3 cloves of garlic and 1 tablespoon of dried rosemary, and let cool for 5 minutes: Dip then the foot); tea with lemon, garlic and rosemary (boil 2 cups of water, 1 lemon peel, chopped, 5 cloves of garlic and 1 dose of rosemary for 10 minutes at most and then use the infusion daily to wash infected areas).
Precautions and tips to prevent fungal infections:
With this type of infection, treatment and therapies are not sufficient, however, if you do not take precautions and healthy behaviors and correct.


For this I remember a few golden rules:
-Keep nails short, dry and clean with square and filed down thickened areas. After taking a bath or have washed yourself, carefully dry even the skin between the toes.
– Do not cut or tear the skin around the nails, otherwise germs can penetrate the skin and under the nails.
– Do not walk barefoot in public places; always use mats or personal clean towels, and slippers, bathing, use of sulfur soap,
propolis, tea or fungicidal properties (not too fatty).
– Avoid using sponges and do not wash too often the infected area.


– Do not use nail polish or artificial nails as aggravate the infection, thus obliging the humidity and do not breathe the nail.
– Make the bathrooms at the foot based on calcium permanganate (pharmacy).
– Treat any wounds and calluses, because they can encourage the entry of dermatophytes.
– Wear socks that are not suitable sweat (no nylon or synthetic, yes cotton), change them often and if possible, during the day, take your shoes off, especially after exercise.
– Wash clothes in contact with the infected nail (at least in the washing machine at 60 ° C) and, if necessary, add a product antifongico; warm iron.
– Boil, continue to heat or dispose of after use, any instrument is used on infected areas, such as tweezers, razor blades, scissors, etc..

– Use a spray or an antifungal powder for both the foot and the inside of your shoes.
– Wash your hands after touching the infected nail to avoid infection.
– For the pedicure, contact an aesthetic seriously, ensuring that sterilize all instruments.
– In terms of supply, best to avoid (or do not misuse) of sugar and yeast, such as beer, bread, vinegar.
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