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Fendi-new-trends-fashion-with-tips-beauty-for-new-makeup-photo-1Fendi new fashion trends and beauty makeup tips for women spring summer and fall winter 2013-2014 online guide of news for fashion new look.





















Fendi offers the trends makeup, collections spring summer and fall winter, of course makeup artist Fendi, think again, out of the box with a new unique idea, which you will see in the photos.

Fendi has a new style, makeup eyes of the models, with strips of fabric blue and green, giving a young people a geometric effect, all of the natural makeup faces, while for the winter Fendi offers punk hair and lipstick warm colors, but each brand offers collections and different models for this, we propose here a series of photos, which can provide the details.

The line Fendi 2013-2014 is a collection that renews the trend of the brand, which is able to enter into the good graces of the younger generation, and purchasers of luxury. And what do you think?


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All designers present new collection for Fendi Their new trend with accessories always in high demand are visible in our categories and online.

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