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Lipofilling become beautiful face and body with our flaws


Lipofilling become beautiful face and body with our flaws and care online resources on beauty and wellness tips shopping news on many other articles.




















Lipofilling become beautiful face and body with our flaws:
Lipofilling for breast enlargement without implants, in order to increase his thin lips, and to eliminate cellulite and wrinkles. Today it is possible to enhance your breasts without implants: the novelty comes from the cosmetic surgery Lipofilling-become-beautiful-face-and-body-with-our-flaws-4and is called Lipofilling Breast. With this technique, already used in the field of beauty for years, you can simultaneously increase the breasts without implants and remove cellulite and excess fat from the hips, the waist or buttocks.











With l ‘intervention Lipofilling breast increases the size of the breast with their body fat taken from areas of the body where cellulite and fat is present in excess, in this way, in addition to’ breast augmentation without implants, will also streamline hips and buttocks and removes cellulite. In practice, with the lipofilling breast fat is redistributed by the cosmetic surgeon.
LIPOSUCTION BY THE lipofilling: remove cellulite and excess fat to increase breast and lips or eliminate facial wrinkles with fillers of body fat.The technique of lipofilling helps eliminate excess fat deposits from the hips, buttocks and stomach, to move them into areas where being curvier is synonymous with beauty, such as the décolleté and breasts. The excess fat taken with the lipofilling, in addition to being used for ‘breast augmentation without implants, can also be used by the cosmetic surgeon to fill facial wrinkles (and thus to remove wrinkles), to make fuller lips (increase thin lips) or to round off a bit his bottom (buttocks augmentation in cases of flat buttocks and unsexy).

Lipofilling-become-beautiful-face-and-body-with-our-flaws-2Lipofilling become beautiful face and body with our flaws:

In practice, the lipofilling allows to reshape the silhouette better distribution of forms in his own body. The lipofilling incorporates the technique of liposuction to remove cellulite and fat deposits in excess, but the excess fat removed is treated with a complex system and reused (re-injected through filler, small injections) to reshape other parts of the body. The last studies done in Europe (especially in Italy and in the United States) have demonstrated the ‘absence of contraindications to’ use of their adipose tissue (excess fat taken with the lipofilling) also to reshape the breast and breast enhancement without implants. For years the lipofilling is used for filling areas of the body and face, but only recently has also been used for breast enlargement without implants. In this way, excess fat removed with the technique of liposuction on her hips, belly, legs or buttocks, has become an important ally for the beauty. During the Lipofilling-become-beautiful-face-and-body-with-our-flaws-5same surgery, with the technique of lipofilling the cosmetic surgeon sucks the excess fat from the hips, tummy or buttocks, and then injects it with filler where there is need, for example to make the most abundant cleavage and increase the volume of breasts without implants. The liposuction to remove excess fat and cellulite occurs in a sterile, closed, and then the fat taken is centrifuged in a delicate, so as to preserve the vitality of the cells and at the same time separate from liquids.

Lipofilling become beautiful face and body with our flaws:

Today, thanks to new acquisitions on mammograms can be considered the ‘system of adipose tissue in the breast with lipofilling sure: some of the fat re-injected with the lipofiling breast (about 30-40%) remains permanently, while the remaining 50-60% is reabsorbed by ‘body naturally after one year.

Lipofilling become beautiful face and body with our flaws:

‘S intervention lipofilling lasts a couple of’ hours under sedation in an outpatient setting. The lipofilling is an ideal technique especially for women who tend to have wide hips and, in many cases, little breast.
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