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Tips Beauty Guide to hide with makeup the prominent nose

Tips-Beauty-Guide-to-hide-with-makeup-the-prominent-nose-image-1Tips Beauty Guide to hide with makeup the prominent nose and all advice online for skin with new products and recipes for new fashion trendy news look.
























Nose corrective makeup techniques make up make up and fix noses pronounced as prominent nose.
The nose has a decisive influence in the harmony of a face. Small imperfections can give a face to a particular expression, a touch of fun, but sometimes it can create unsightly effects. If limited, these can be corrected with makeup tricks, but when the nose has marked malformations, congenital or acquired, should intervene through cosmetic surgery with really effective results. The makeup techniques are based on two principles:


1. create, with games of light and dark, the optical effects that counteract the imperfections.
2. divert visual attention of another element or area of the face, such as lips and eyes etc.. But it is important to take into account the possible interference of these interventions conl’armonia general features. The nose is in fact essential to the character, not only because it determines the line profile, but also because, with glialtri elements, defines the expression and personality emanating from a face.

Types nose and makeup suggested:


 Tips-Beauty-Guide-to-hide-with-makeup-the-prominent-nose-image-4NOSE GREEK-nose corrective makeup techniques make up noses pronounced.
It is a straight nose, classic: the cavity of the nose is not sufficiently pronounced. The facial expression sometimes tends to be tough. It should darken the upper part of the nose with a dark background color, fading towards the tip. The correction should be light not to form a dark area.






Tips-Beauty-Guide-to-hide-with-makeup-the-prominent-nose-image-5NOSE ROMAN – nose corrective makeup techniques make up noses pronounced.
It is characterized by a pronounced hump that gives the face a stern and noble.
You should lighten the base of the nose between the eyebrows. If you want, especially if the nose is a bit ‘long, you can apply a shadow base under the tip. It is not recommended to darken the most prominent.





Tips-Beauty-Guide-to-hide-with-makeup-the-prominent-nose-image-6NOSE CRUSHED – nose corrective makeup techniques make up noses pronounced.
The nose is flat, or flat when the back is not very prominent, you can lift it by applying background color darker on the sides and lighter on the back.







Tips-Beauty-Guide-to-hide-with-makeup-the-prominent-nose-image-7NOSE TO UP– nose corrective makeup techniques make up noses pronounced.
is normally considered an asset, a feature that gives the face a somatic impishly and intriguing. Can be corrected by applying a darker base in the central area of the tip, blending it upwards.





Tips-Beauty-Guide-to-hide-with-makeup-the-prominent-nose-image-8LONG NOSE – nose corrective makeup techniques make up noses pronounced.

Typical of a long face, a long nose you say when its proportions exceed the harmonious lines of the face, defined in the proportions of “Rules of Leonardo”.
correct a long nose you can take two caveats: darken the tip at the bottom and eye make-up in the lower eyelid, creating an optical effect of shortening the nose.  




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