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Miracle plant Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera: Properties and Benefits
Aloe vera has been known since ancient times for its healing properties and benefits, we find references and citations of aloe in the Bible and in ancient documents where they handed down the use of the plant for healing at the ancient peoples of Egypt and del’India.


It ‘amazing how the use that is made nowadays of the plant is the use which the ancients did, in fact, the studies confirm that more than a thousand years ago it was a correct use.
Grows wild on dry and chalky but it can also be grown by seeds or by layering. Aloe is a succulent plant from whose leaves are extracted by means of manual labor, a thick juice, also called gel.
Aloe vera gel composition:
The leaves of aloe vera (photo at left) contain in their inner part, a sort of gelatinous substance (gel) to which they are attributed powerful healing abilities, it is a completely natural substance in possession of beneficial properties.
The active ingredients are made from anthraquinone cathartics, known as real exterminators diseases, have the same effect of antibiotics but with less toxic effects. The components of aloe are many, here are the most important: cinnamic acid, useful as a germicide, barbalonia, resistanolo oil, ether, aloin and calcium.


The full composition of the aloe gel and its properties have not yet been clarified but are unsure of its beneficial effects on the human organism.
Healing properties and benefits of ‘Aloe Vera. Wellness treatment care with the miracle plant Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera property benefits health treatment and care according to recent studies have shown that aloe vera can significantly prolong the lives of cancer patients and even stimulate their immune system.
In an experiment carried out on human cancer cells it was found, by injecting directly into these cells a compound of aloe, lecithin, is connected as the activation of the immune system with aloe.
In fact, the cells that had been injected in the lecithin, have enabled a part of the immune system which in turn, produces substances which attack the cancer. It also seems that aloe favor the growth of normal cells.
The aloe – emodin, would, according to some studies, an effective anti-viral and anti-cancer activity and its ethanol extract was also active against herpes virus.
Studies concerning the aloctina A contained in the aloe showed its anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and anti-tumor. To underline the ability of aloe to heal wounds and burns and is able to penetrate into tissues offended, relieve pain and increase blood circulation to these tissues.
Aloin and aloe are widely used as active ingredients in preparations laxatives, often in conjunction with other substances such as cascara and senna.
Healing the wounds:
According to a report in the American Journal of dermatologic surgery and oncology convalescence after surgery is significantly reduced when treated with aloe.
A sample of people suffering from acne have undergone surgery to fix the problem.
At the end of operation on their faces were applied bandages: on one half of the face was applied to a normal drug, while the other half was used a compound of aloe gel.


Wellness treatment care with the miracle plant Aloe Vera:
Good. Half treated with aloe healed well 72 hours in advance of the other.
The report’s author, Dr. James Fulton says dermatologist to cure any wound with aloe as it greatly accelerates the healing of the tissue.
The Aloe Vera Gel
The aloe vera gel is used in soft drinks, which are commonly called aloe vera juice and that are produced by diluting the gel with water and mixing it all with citric acid and preservatives.
The gel products are available in both liquid and dry forms.
Aloe Vera property benefits health treatment and care in America the fresh gel of aloe vera is known as the most popular folk remedy in the country with regard to burns and scalds and the plant is also called “first aid plant”, as it also has property Vera moisturizing and emollienti.Aloe property benefits health treatments and cures.
Aloe Vera juice:
There are many people who ask for information about obtaining the plant and how to prepare drinks DIY with the leaves of aloe vera.
Attention, all aloe leaves are very rich in aloin, which is a powerful drug anthraquinone, its effects are not yet fully known, and if taken regularly can cause serious damage, to be abortion for women. It is therefore recommended to buy the aloe juice already prepared (check quality), and private property aloina.Aloe Vera benefits health treatments and cures.


Things Aloe Vera:
It is often called the “miracle plant“, we can say that aloe vera is a plant with many resources. The varieties of Aloe are many, about 200, but one that has greater utility for man, thanks to its medicinal properties, is Aloe Barbadensis Miller, commonly called aloe vera.


In 1862 it was discovered an Egyptian papyrus dating back to 1500 BC when it was discovered as early as since its therapeutic properties were known and appreciated, especially by Greek and Roman physicians. Aloe Vera property benefits health treatments and cures.


Aloe vera, curiosities:
Did you know that aloe gel can be used to keep healthy teeth and gums. This is what emerges from a study conducted in India in order to arrive at these results some Indian researchers have experimented with the result of the effect of aloe vera gel and compared with those of conventional toothpastes. Based on the results obtained it was found that the gel of aloe vera is no less of conventional toothpastes in eliminating the bacterial microflora and the plate, with the difference of not having an abrasive effect on tooth enamel. In addition, aloe reduces any pain caused by the infection or inflammation of the gums, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect of anthraquinones. Wellness treatment care with the miracle plant Aloe Vera.
Stabilization of Aloe Gel:
The aloe gel, being formed of polysaccharides and water, is a highly volatile substance, whose active ingredients rapidly deteriorate.


So there has necessarily extraction processes and conservation very accurate. For this reason, the modern food industry, has patented several processes of stabilization and concentration. Among these, there is a particular type of freeze drying which allows to concentrate the aloe gel of 200 times (200:1), stabilizing it in the form of powder. In this way, the aloe gel so treated can be inserted into swallowable formulations (capsules or tablets) obviating the problem of flavor (not all pleasant). Wellness treatment care with the miracle plant Aloe Vera.

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Wellness treatment care with the miracle plant Aloe Vera

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