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Akris is a fashion label said, the beauty and style of the design, its products are recommended and famous, even online. The company’s headquarters is located in St. Gallen, Switzerland, with administrative and marketing, where 200


employees work on new creative activities. The brand design process begins with the fabric, then Kriemler sketcheshis designs. Akris produces and model, custom fabrics very popular, at times, the development of a fabric can take years. Most of the fabrics used in clothing brand Akris are produced in specialized factories in northern Italy.

Akris brand clothing is generally produced in studios in St. Gallen, Zurich and Ticino, Switzerland.
Kriemler aims to continue in St. Gallen textile, following the story with the hiring of local artisans. Are 280 employees highly skilled craftsmen with two years of training, which are necessary for a professional dressmaker, with production


design by hand, so you can get to important results in the finish that offers: mod reversible jackets and cashmere, each which requires two and a half days for the design and completion. Still very important, the contribution Akris, today proposed setting trends for many famous designers.

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