News lifestyle how to choose underwear and perfect lingerie

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How to choose the perfect lingerie underwear and lingerie, along with shoes, is a real passion for the female gender, but unfortunately, click the coordinated work with your body is not always an easy task since they often commit blunders to follow the dictates of fashion:
Select the underwear adjusted according to the physical characteristics of your body, allowing both to enhance the female form that to disguise any imperfections.

News lifestyle how to choose underwear and perfect lingerie:
How to choose underwear and lingerie perfect if you have a physical “curvy”, then Mediterranean, busty and curvy, the advice is to opt for the lingerie garments from soft fabrics such as Lycra, cotton and silk. The new slimming underwear called also “shaping lingerie”, inspired by the fashion of the fifties pin-up, burlesque and to the sensuality of the stars of Italian neorealism, remembered by all for their beauty also dictated by an enviable smoothness in the curves .

Just for curvy women, with large breasts and generous hips, you should prefer briefs bucket, preferably with a high waist, which enhance the adored hourglass shape without scoring and highlight the curves. In this regard, it is best to avoid slip and thong too tight, which could cause the dreaded “sausage” squeezed: same rule as for those who suffer from a few extra pounds in the area of ​​the waistline.

News lifestyle how to choose underwear and perfect lingerie:

There are in fact culotte as the leaders of the Invisible line Slim Imec that, besides giving a restraining effect, help to tone the skin and combat water retention thanks to a microfiber fabric encapsulated Nurel, rich in natural active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe, and vitamin E.

Another way to hide the bacon is wearing pantyhose restraints slightly transparent, able to shape the abdomen camouflaging imperfections on display maybe a dress that marks the waistline. For generous cleavage, it is preferable to choose models such as those of the line Fabulous Lovable, underwired balconette bra Plunge or inlaid with tulle, which guarantee a perfect fit respecting the need for total comfort with a “soutien-up “thanks to technical details such as reinforcements in the cup, under the breast and wide straps adjustable.

How to choose underwear and lingerie perfect if you have a perfect body but with small breasts, it is best to buy a balconette bra, a sexy bustier or try to get in a flash with a size models in padded push-up effect that raise the breast making it look bigger. For thin women, free way to slip any form of micro, large or cut boxer, avoiding the hipster version if you are not too generous in stature, a very glamorous and comfortable undergarment are shorts that enhance the buttocks and are doing well in all women.

News lifestyle how to choose underwear and perfect lingerie:

The underwear as well as being a great ally in times of seduction, it is crucial in terms of particular importance such as pregnancy, the menstrual cycle and after 50 years, which is why it is important to understand what is the right model and size, are not never give up the pleasure of colors, creativity and a touch of mischief that never hurts.

News lifestyle how to choose underwear and perfect lingerie:

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