Brioni clothing for men new collection fashion accessories

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Brioni clothing collection spring-summer for men fashion catalog Brioni man, to be unique, choose to play with their elegance and live the wardrobe of the Spring Summer from a boat, the last refuge of the modern gentleman. The images of the campaign Brioni clothing collection spring-summer for men fashion catalog, shot by photographer Boo George in collaboration with the agency AR New York, immortalized naturally and authenticity of the various pleasures of a day: from waking up looking for new light, well-deserved relaxation to devote himself to the most exclusive nightclubbing. Through the eyes of Vegard Vik, head of Special Police Oslo, and touching experiences viveur who moves from the resort’s timeless Mediterranean to the Caribbean atmosphere and mystery of the great routes of rum. Brioni clothing collection spring-summer for men fashion catalog the jacket feather, the lightest ever made by Master Tailors Brioni, challenge the hot summer days and in orange version refers to the nuances of the sunsets Havana.
Brioni collection clothing men’s fashion catalog spring summer colors and contrasts are also decided in the impeccable white tuxedo jacket that lights up the night in the moonlight.


All designers for “Brioni” present their new collections trend with accessories, always in high demand, are visible in our categories and online.

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