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Punctual as always socks Calzedonia collection for next Spring arrives with a catalog full of ideas glamorous and interesting. Also this year there are leggings and Paris, the romantic lace macrame or jens the first, the second with lovely bows or embroidered. So there is something for all tastes and you will surely find the style that suits your needs, sexier or bon ton, the catalog Calzedonia socks.


The beautiful model Alejandra Alonso is the protagonist of the shots of the photographic campaign of the Spring summer for women Calzedonia 2013. Proposals for next summer fit like a glove with his style. Not resistant to wear them with leggings and high heels and more.


Also goes crazy for joggers which is also found in the new collection of Calzedonia for women 2013: Sports and leggings are soft cotton that caress the shapes of the wearer.

Calzedonia The new collection is extensive, versatile and allows the space between many styles, all very feminine, sensual and romantic.