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Fashion sea how to wear a sarong and pareo new collection

Fashion-sea-how-to-wear-a-sarong-and-pareo-new-collection-image-1Fashion sea how to wear a sarong and pareo new collection for women 2013 clothing trends designers online fashion resources and online brand most recommended.




























Sea a thousand ways to wear shorts on the beach many fashion solutions: esercitiamoci now, so I annoderemo flash as we will be at sea. the pareo accessory is no doubt that the sea can not fail in our suitcase for holidays. A multi-purpose mat and head, which in its simplicity is able to give that touch of elegance and harmony with nature,
that the beach is very suitable to show off. Whether it is a sarong monochrome, perhaps with the same shades of emerald clear waters (you hope) we’re going to dive, or a sarong with batik prints cheerful not matter, what matters is that it reflects our personality, to fit the our age and our color is matched to our bathing suits, but above all, more than anything, is the perfect way to wrap draped in a seductive way our forms.

The sarong, little space in your suitcase for many fashion solutions: esercitiamoci now, so I annoderemo flash as we will be at sea.
Classic version:
That’s just the easiest way to turn a maxi dress in a sarong. Cross the ends over his shoulders and annodale around the neck, décolleté for an effect of “American”. If the front is too wide or conversely ‘strangled’, roll the ends in on themselves, creating the finest bands similar to cords. Abbinateci a beautiful necklace with colored stones and you’ll be fabulous!
























If you want to highlight the tanned legs, the pareo can transform even skirt. Take the sarong for the shorter side and place it on the front at the waist, knotted the two ends behind your back and pass the sarong between legs, tying together the other two ends in front. This version will look great if you’re tall and in body.
If, however, the version you want skirt, the sarong tied in to the desired length (mini or maxi), grab one end on the right side with your right hand, wrap the sarong on the sides holding the other end with your left hand and then joining the two ends on the right side, with knots tight.

A sheath dress:
Wrap the sarong around your body, grasp the two ends over and tie a beautiful knot. Now you decide: you can leave the ribbon with the loose strands or, if you want to emphasize and support breastfeeding, pass behind his back and annodatele. You will have created a sort of bandeau sarong that turns into a strapless sheath dress especially!

Finally, a very dramatic version: the dress with one shoulder. Start by holding one end of a maxi sarong over his left shoulder, pull the right corner under the right arm, passing behind his back and then the front. Wrap up and stops with a knot the two ends on the left shoulder. The effect will be snug and asymmetric really delicious!

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