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Fashion wardrobe fashion tips trends for spring summer 2013, here we go again, it is again spring ! With the change of season also change trends , the fashion colors , the leaders must have , in fact, change everything. What remains is the basic, those leaders evergreen where there separereste ever. Certainly, all we want to be fashionable but to do so we must always put your wallet and spend good money to buy the latest . Into often buy things that are wrong, you do not know how to match them … eventually buy useless things and little fashion to be supplied at the bottom of the wardrobe and forgotten there. That’s why today I want to give you some valuable advice, indeed, well 7 tips to make your wardrobe and spring fashion. Ready to discover them?

 1. Jewels and jewelry

Probably I have already said many times but I never tire of repeating: bijoux (and all in general) totally change the look . You just go to a store that sells jewelry and stock up on these little gems colorful and tasty. I strongly suggest you buy glue long dangling bangles to match each other . If you do not know where to go, take a look by Bijou Brigitte . Into
2. Sandals ties 

The feet are bare , absolutely! For sure you have them already in the shoe, but if you do not you buy them now! You can also put a long jeans (preferably skinny) and a shirt a little ‘antiquated, but if the foot shod in sandals open to bands, the strappy sandals to be clear, you will see that your outfit, suddenly will be super spring! And never go out of fashion, so … Into
3. Metallic Clutch 

This spring there is a strong tendency rock . To be a little ‘rock chic but still need to add to your look something metal and what is better than a metal handbag. In this case, I suggest a metallic clutch to wear, strictly hand. This piece is simply combines all the looks, but better from day to evening (and late afternoon).

4. Colored sunglasses

There is nothing better than to greet the arrival of the sun in the summer that the sunglasses and colorful details . On the catwalk, during the current collections spring / summer 2013, we have seen many. Choose the color that gives your face. There is no need to spend a lot to buy, bet some model proposed by maison less expensive.

5. Imaginative prints

We touch the chapter clothing . As you know, and as I’m sure you have seen around, imaginative prints are the masters. Obviously you do not have to buy all the clothes and fancy printed, it only takes a pair of trousers or a t-shirt. They go to the big floral prints and citrus;)

6. Colored glazes

Even the nails are doing their part. To ensure that both early summer is a nail polish shade of a fresh and strong: orange, green mind, neon yellow… you will see that in a moment you will be in color with shades of spring!

7. Backpacks

When did you see a backpack around (excluding those for school)? Many went out of fashion a bit ‘of time f, but now the old backpacks are vintage . If you still have them pull them out, or look at flea markets or shops low cost. Those of this year are precious and leather (or faux leather, less expensive) and colorful.  

All designers “of Trends” present their new collections trend with accessories, always in high demand, are visible in our categories and online.

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