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Horoscope 2013

1st decan January 21-30
2nd decan January 31 – February 9
3rd decan February 10-19

In 2013, we demonstrate strength, courage and determination in the implementation of your projects. To do this, you should avoid getting involved in any ambiguous situations, confused or sterile. In other words, you should do everything possible to prevent risk situations, in which an investment could give a bad result. In fact, it is necessary to have some clear objectives, rather than invest in something that they are not very interested. Otherwise, it would be better to stay idle and wait for the right opportunity to engage in any exciting projects that will be more in tune with your needs and aspirations. In fact, during the first half of the year, when Jupiter is in trine from Gemini, you can not underestimate the risks of possible choices reckless or reckless actions that could affect your future. So even if you could get the first results, this situation can not be as profitable in the long term. For this reason, if you decide to work on some projects short and set some short term goals, the first half of the year will help you get the most of them. Otherwise, if you want to try all the initiatives that could lead to long-term results in the coming years, you should consider everything carefully and avoid being influenced by an initial enthusiasm that is not supported by any concrete reason.

Of course, these predictions are not intended to dampen your passion or motivation to do anything that can improve your life, on the contrary, they only intend to avoid being disappointed, making it possible for those ideas that are at hand, optimize the results and make the most of the planetary transits. So do not chomp the brake and avoid situations that are too competitive, especially in the month of July. In fact, you could get involved in a conflict unpleasant in the professional or social, so you are likely to get to work without getting something interesting in return.

The stars in 2013 will invite you to have a reflective attitude and patient, but not passive. In fact, you should seek the necessary incentives to plan something that can develop into a long-term project, so you should be willing to take new initiatives. This year will be interesting in financial terms, as in the long term trine Saturn in Libra in recent years has made you more pragmatic and able to achieve some tangible results practical.

Between January 19 and February 5 Mercury will be transiting your sign, where he will meet the conjunction of Mars reinforcement. This combination will make proposals and may also indicate a stroke of luck, especially if you want to take any chances. In any case, you should not overreach yourself, but try to be satisfied with those results sure that you can get them without too much effort. Otherwise, if you are working on a project too quickly, you risk being trapped in a difficult situation or a calendar of significant challenges limiting.

From 5 February to early hours of April 14th, you will be able to realize your ideas and projects, in economic terms, in addition, your merits will be recognized, thus increasing your income, play a more prestigious or open contract indefinitely, while those of you who are young can get in a work environment successfully. However, remember not to rush things, but let the situation work for you and avoid getting involved in projects that have nothing to do with your new and different way of being.

From the evening of May 15 in the early hours of June 3rd, the trine to Mercury in Gemini will allow you to make some new business contacts and to deal with any financial problems. In this way, you can finally put an end to a number of concerns that can act as a deterrent unconscious, as you pursue your ambitions, or you can dare in a professional situation that requires you to have everything under control and forget any old scores.

Between September 9 and 29, Mercury will be offering its trine with the sign of Libra, and will allow you to achieve a balance in management of both the professional and interpersonal relationships. In addition, you will be able to solve all the old problems and misunderstandings that were due to difficulties in communicating your intentions with others. In any case, this will be a big problem.
September 16 to 17 will be very beneficial to any job interviews and new proposals to someone who is actually interested in them and can support.

On the other hand, from September 29th to the early hours of December 5, attention must be paid to any legal, financial, tax and administrative. In fact, you might face some bureaucratic hassles may be due to negligence in handling some sensitive issues that need to be clarified with more attention and a more analytical approach. So do not take an attitude of the ostrich, but accept responsibility and try to solve problems quickly, as they will be less severe than they look.

With regard to your emotions, this year will be very lively and full of opportunities to experiment with different ways of loving, especially if you’re willing to test ay intriguing situations that are completely different from your unusual environment.

Your love will be the season between February 2 and 26, even if it will last, but a couple of weeks, you can tell a real emotional upheaval, so that many of you can make some important choices that may herald a new phase in your life. In fact, you will be able to experience a different way of loving and living a relationship that may be unlike your usual. You will be willing to experiment themselves in a new relationship or bond that can allow you to expand your mind and heart and venture on uncharted seas of your sexuality. In fact, the sky will give you the opportunity to feel revived by an intense emotional energy, as it has never happened before. In this regard, February 9 to 10 days will be magical.

On 9 May, Venus will be smiling on you by the sign of Gemini, where it will remain to support you until the early hours of June 3. During this period, you will experience a pleasant way to be happy with your partner and find harmony, complicity and light enough to take advantage of this emotional rebirth. If you’re single, you’ll be able to make new friends and participate in new challenging environments. In this way, you can do some interesting knowledge that could be harbingers of future developments, in particular 21 to 22 May.

From the afternoon of August 16 in the early hours of September 11, the trine of Venus from Libra will give you the chance to relive your emotional life. You can meet a passionate person, especially at the end of the month, or you can meet someone who can understand the reasons for your heart and get involved in a fantastic relationship. Finally, those of you who are in a period of a couple enjoy romantic satisfactory and revive the passionate feelings that you may have missed for some time.

Finally, you’ll enjoy a period full of sensation, enthusiasts and the opportunity to meet between October 7 and the morning of November 5. In fact, in this period Venus will fuel your sensuality and make you so attractive that you will be able to attract even those people that have survived. In this regard, 22 to 23 October will be special days.

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