Cancer New Horoscope Zodiac New Age Astrology

Cancer Horoscope Zodiac New Age Astrology

Cancer (Jun 22 – Jul 23)

The word “change” would define the year for you! There would be changes and transformations in

relationships, places and people around you. This would result in your evolution in a great way.Detail
The planetary positions for Cancer horoscope speaks of change, especially with your associates. Children would demand greater independence. Near and dear ones would also undergo significant transformations. It can be in the form of one of your friends planning to launch a new project or a near one upset for an emotional downswing.

All this will make your world be in a constant state of evolution. Cancerians are dreamy yet moody, and at times tends to get affected by in a pessimistic way during any uncalled for change.
The best way to deal with it is to remain calm and treating the situation as just another phase. Good times are ahead only you need to have the eye for it!
Other facets of the Cancer Horoscope reveal interesting details.

Cancer Work Horoscope

The trend of the previous year seems to continue this year too. For any tangible results you have to work very hard. That does not mean you have to be working round the clock and be fatigued at the end of the day. This is more of brain work and analysis at play. Let’s say its “smart work” that counts now. Expect competition from your fellow workers and also expect that you will outshine them in performance. This would increase your confidence and give you the zeal to stride forth. Seniors at work will appreciate your efforts, which will make you gain visibility. In terms of a career change, you will be recommended well. Given the fact that the world today runs on “reference” and on “word of mouth” this is surely going to act in your favor. Amidst all this, situations at work might get a little rough resulting in bouts of mood swing at your end. Try and assess your long-term goals and perspectives and you would have your action plan ready.

Cancer Money Horoscope

If words like “change” and “hardwork” had been zooming high on the Cancer forecast, then it’s surely has a profitable side too. The most important being the monetary gains. The financial gains are likely to be high during the beginning of the year. They say Cancerians love to spend most on foods and shopping, yet they are careful with their money. Therefore, you would spend a fortune on your favorites as well as manage to save a great amount too. If there have been any debts then pay it off first. The last two months of the year too suggests increased financial gains. So, despite the hardwork and change, profits remain high this year!

Cancer Love Horoscope

We all turn to love for peace! Most Cancerians would cherish a peaceful love life this year. The confusions would all be cleared and harmony shall prevail. Your partner would seek valuable advice from you and seek comfort in your company. Cancerians always tend to dream about the candle light dinners and the moon lit walks. It is times to enact them all. If you have been planning to get married, you might meet the right partner. If you have been facing any prolonged distance and bitterness from your partner, it would be healed now.

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