Capricorn New Horoscope Zodiac New Age Astrology

 Capricorn Horoscope Zodiac New Age Astrology

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

This is time of serenity and peace. If you always wanted to know or walk in the lines of spirituality then

Would open the doors for you. The might be toxic situations, but you would face them well.Detail
The New Year is full of prospects and possibilities, so predicts the Capricorn Horoscope. Your course of life this year attains a serenity life never had before. Not that you get all-silent and removed from life, but then the confusion and dilemma that existed would cease. Your inner self would be in agreement with the external environment.
This apart the Capricorn predictions also suggests less mood swings and more of socializing. There would be new assignments to take on. It is also time for retrospection in a big way. This is the time when you can assess much of your career and personal decisions.
There are chances that you will take keen interest in spirituality and other esoteric sciences. You will be eager to learn new things and would be able to adapt to new circumstances in life.
The prediction does not end there. Capricorn Horoscope offers valuable inputs about love, work and relationships as well.

Capricorn Work Horoscope

Your goals and objective would be much clearer this year. Most importantly, you will have a lot on your table. Expect new projects and added responsibilities. Networking plays a very important role both in office as well as outside. Infact, it allows you to evolve as a person. Your role at work too becomes clearer in this process. You can act your part with precision and accuracy now. Your assignments at work will make you realize your inner creativity. This will be much appreciated by seniors and other fellow associated at work. If you wish to undergo a job change, then we suggest you wait until March. You will have plenty of scopes and opportunities knocking at your door. In case you wish to pursue higher studies, you can try it this year. There might be minor difficulties at work that will be solved easily.

Capricorn Money Horoscope

The financial scenario looks to be balanced this year. There will not be any excess profit neither any abnormal loss. There would be monetary gains for sure, but it will take sometime. Expect all your debts to be cleared by the first few months of the year. You will benefit from shares and property. Have you been thinking of buying a car, house or any other household goods like a home theater or portable kitchen set? If yes, then this is the time to invest in them. There might be an increase in your salary. Heavy bonus and incentive are like to happen.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Love and relationship is of supreme importance this year. Attending your partner and listening to him/her is very important. This is a time to solve all unresolved issues of the past and stride forth ahead. You may tend to be scenic at times in your relationship. Try to be patient and reason out your cynicism with optimistic thoughts. Couples can spend some quality time together and plan for vacations. Marriage is on the cards as well.

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