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Gemini Sign Horoscope 2013 Zodiac New Age Astrology Tips


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Horoscope 2013

1st decan May 21-31
2nd decan June 01-10
3rd decan June 11-21

Jupiter will be in your sign until the early hours of June 26 and its action may have positive or negative effects, depending on how you use your influence, indeed, it can be a sink or – on the contrary – you can be as provident as an ant. In any case, Jupiter is generous and will allow you to count on a good dose of luck and advantage, until you are able to manage them well and to invest your resources in worthwhile initiatives. So, if you are rational and forward-looking, the planet will bring certainty and stability that will help make your life happier in the coming months (or even years). On the contrary, if you’re impatient and decide to live this period in excess, will have no long-term goals. In fact, the sky in the month of July will change your astrological situation, so if you passed, you will face some problems. In fact, it may be necessary to pay a debt on your credit card, to remedy a spending spree, or recover a relationship that has been overlooked or underestimated for too long.

In other words, only you can decide how to use the potential of this benevolent planet, which, however, is not always generous. So, try to make the most of the transit of Jupiter and find a happy balance: enjoy its pleasant aspects indulging in a bit ‘of luxury, but remember to treasure and invest wisely the resources that will be proposed. This “reserve” will help you manage the important changes that the stars invite you to implement in the second half of the year and deal with any lean times with greater confidence and peace of mind.
You should not act on the surface, can be slight, but not frivolous. Also, take care of the people around you, sharing with them the most profitable. Otherwise, you may risk something to lose in your relational sphere or lose some valuable relationships that may be particularly useful in difficult times. On the other hand, the square of Neptune in Pisces can be confusing and lead to misinterpret many situations or delude yourself softening complex (or annoying) aspects of reality, which, on the other hand, it could keep you from making errors of judgment .

With regard to your professional field, 2013 will offer many opportunities to implement projects that interest you most, and take you for a number of commitments that could revolutionize your business. In this case, you will be in a dilemma. If you decide to commit to it and work hard, you will be able to obtain satisfactory results and long-term, improve your life, and make a bright future and constructive. Otherwise, if you decide to take advantage of Jupiter without investing in all projects in the first half of the year, simply enjoy a short period favorable. In fact, the planets in early summer invite you to stop trifling with your work and on its behalf, so you should assume all responsibility and go back to your normal life.

You could make some errors of judgment and risk taking some rash actions in the most critical period from 5 February to early hours of April 14, when the hard square of Mercury, Neptune and Chiron from Pisces may limit the vision and confuse the ideas. So try to be impartial and attentive to all co-workers or anyone else who suggests to commit to an initiative uncertain. In this way, you can avoid making a mistake or being the victim of a scam. At the same time, you may risk breaking an old friendship or working relationship because of his arrogant attitude. So in order to be tolerant, because it may be difficult to recover this bond and he would regret in the coming months.

Of course, 2013 will be full of many good times in your professional life. The first period will be from January 19 to February 5, when Mercury and Mars trines offer their brilliant form the sign of Aquarius. These aspects stimulants will give you new ideas and allows you to experiment with new sectors or contexts that are completely different from the past. Then the second half of April for you, since you’ll be particularly convincing in proposing your initiatives. In fact, your proposals do not go unheeded, and you’ll be able to find the right support to make your projects off the ground. This period will also be ideal to go to interviews or starting a new job.

September is the month most interesting in the second half of the year, in fact, you’ll be able to make some useful contacts and, if you have a little ‘work experience solid and convincing, you can work on an important project, thereby improving your prestige and supporting you in economic terms.

With regard to your emotions, you will find light in those relationships that were a bit ‘boring, and you will be able to exceed a period of demotivation. You may discover a new way to experience a relationship with your partner or with a new person that will win your heart. In any case, any advice will be valid for the entire 2013: you should never underestimate people, problems or liability, because the square of Neptune can confuse your ideas, discouraging reality and the risk of making a choice or has an attitude that would jeopardize your emotional stability. So try to take a responsible and respectful to the people around you, because this will give you good luck and success in your relationships.

The first part of the year will be particularly favorable, while Venus is smiling on you in February. To be precise, the planet of love will give you his brilliant trine February 2 to 26, and may indicate some interesting encounters, that could also be helpful for your work. In fact, the sky will help you harmonize your professional sphere and sentimental, and are stimulated to dive into a completely new and galvanizing.

Your mating season begins in the afternoon of 9 May and will end in the early hours of June 3. During this spring period, you can enjoy some intense emotions in a happy atmosphere, with the opportunity to meet someone interesting places to do with culture (such as a library or a conference) or while on an airplane or a train. In fact, such a meeting will be a challenging experience unique and unpredictable, and you might even fall in love. May 21 to 22 will help you to enjoy an immersive adventure or start a long term relationship.

Finally, we should not underestimate the weeks between 16 August 16 and September 11, when the stars will give you the opportunity to meet someone with whom you can start a long term relationship. Otherwise, if your pair seems to have dried out, you will be able to recover it. At the end of August and September, the planets will give you the burning passion and erotic appeal, allowing you to enjoy a complicity in harmony with your partner or some pleasant adventures that make you feel good and satisfied with your life.

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