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Horoscope 2013

1st decan July 23 – August 2
2nd decan August 03-12
3rd decan August 13-23

The stars in 2013 invites you to implement many changes in different areas of your life. Although you may be reluctant at first, you will realize over time that this transformation process will be much more exciting and enjoyable than expected. In fact, they promote the renewal in many situations and to be at ease in this year “work in progress”. You will be able to give your best in the first half of the year, when you achieve many goals beyond your wildest dreams. In fact, some lingering questions or difficult situations will finally be unlocked, as if by magic, and crosses the threshold many times as profitable and prestigious guests. In this connection, your work will be rewarded, as long as you have sown well in the past. For this reason, you should share the deserved success with the people who have supported, both at work and in private life. So you will feel the power, and the others continue to appreciate your qualities and merits.

This climate can also bring some economic exceptional results for those of you who have invested well since last October, when Saturn started to fit your sign by the sign of Scorpio. In fact, this aspect may have given an ultimatum demanding and forced to make difficult choices in order to resist this critical period. So this year you show your honesty and fairness, and demonstrate that you are ready to engage consistently and responsibly. In this regard, do not be lax or superficial, because that could only do harm. “Penalty” is the key word for success, to be the undisputed leader and revive your career, despite the difficulties.

Even if you get involved in a whirlwind of activity, you may sometimes experience a sense of loneliness and lack of communication, which will be mostly due to a change in mood and attitude, while some interests may not be as important as in the past. In addition, you will feel the need to cultivate friends and family ties, and you can make final decisions about your relational sphere in general. In fact, some aspects of your relational sphere may not be in line with your desires, then you may decide to abandon them and look ahead. In this regard, the fast planets will support you throughout the year and will help you make the right choices. In fact, from January 19 to February 5 will be able to count on someone who could give some helpful advice in the right direction. On the other hand, you might find them irritating, because you can not tolerate the fact that someone else decide for you. But in this delicate phase of your life, based on people you trust and responsibility sharing will help you stay lucid and practical.

The weeks from April 14 to May 1 will be promising for your professional field, while also support those of you who are studying. In fact, Mercury will offer his brilliant trine Aries and give you the energy and determination to handle any news. In addition, you will realize the urgent initiatives and make all the important projects that will bear fruit in the summer and in December. In fact, the month of August will be particularly effective, since Mercury is your sign in transit from August 8 to 23, giving a dose end of the creativity and the desire to test themselves in new activities or work, that will surely benefit your bag. In this case, if you are asked to give up part of your holiday, you will not be disappointed, but accept a sort of period of “training”, which could lead to take the most prestigious.

Some good news for your professional sphere can be up to December, thanks to vibrant trine Mercury in Sagittarius, between December 5 and 24, and that will be especially interesting for those of you who are willing to change your job or place of job. You should avoid any last-minute decisions, and accept all proposals Professional away from their city or even abroad.

With regard to your emotional world, 2013 will have many surprises for you in Serbian, but also invite you to take some final decisions and stop keeping a foot in both camps. Once you give the game away, the situation will be clearer and you will understand what aspects of your relational sphere are worth preserving. In fact, if the relationship is unstable and must be defined, will not be able to hesitate longer, but must take responsibility for your actions. So in order to be honest with your partner about your needs and desires clarifying the critical aspects of your bond. This may be difficult, but you should be willing to understand and listen to his / her reasons. If you draw a positive balance, you can try to recover your relationship, otherwise avoid being ambiguous, and continue your life with clarity and lightness.

From March 22 to early morning of 15 April, Venus in Aries trine will offer you a wonderful and benefit from the complicity of Mars. This exciting combination will allow you to show your endearing qualities and test your skills in new relationships that will bring a little ‘grit and burning passion in your life. So you are open to new experiences and emotional, if you are a couple, you will be able to rekindle your relationship with a nice erotic complicity and deep involvement. In any case, the adventures of fire will be favored 9 to 10 April.

Your love season will begin on the afternoon of June 27 and will end on July 22. This period will be very happy and will give you many opportunities to meet intriguing. In fact, it will be hard to be alone in a hot summer and exciting, and you will be irresistibly charming July 9 to 11, when you’ll be able to impress the person you are interested. So take advantage of this time to cultivate a relationship that could turn into a serious relationship. If you are a couple, make the most of the sky favorable to solve all the problems in your relationship.

From the afternoon of October 7 to November 5, the trine to Venus in Sagittarius gives you the opportunity to give love. In fact, you might meet a new partner in travel or spend an evening with some old friends. The unexpected will be the main feature of this pleasant, while a person who comes from afar may open your heart, involving you in a pleasant moment of passion October 27 to 28.

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