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Libra Sign Horoscope 2013 Zodiac New Age Astrology Tips


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Horoscope 2013

1st decan September 23 – October 3
2nd decan October 04-13
3rd decan October 14-22

Saturn has left your sign in October and can take advantage of his passing in 2013, as you’ll be able to implement the projects on which he worked during his collaboration. In fact, the world has taught you to be forward-looking and wait patiently for the achievement of your goals best. So this year you will reap the rewards of your work, and thanks to your efforts, you will be able to acquire a number of certainties, which will help you to look to the future with confidence. You have learned the lessons of Saturn, so you’ll have to stop expecting to do everything in a hurry and you will experience a different approach to your life. In fact, you can be diplomatic or less consistent, but there will certainly be more effective and practical. In other words, you understand that it is not necessary to achieve a balance in all areas of your life at all costs, so as not to be forced to go along with those around you. On the other hand, if you want to achieve your goals, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. In fact, the new year will bring a number of challenges that will require your courage and strength of character. You should be very particular in the implementation of all projects and make all the choices, which could also go against your moral and ethical values, resulting in a bit ‘of uncertainty and confusion. However, you will be able to dispel all doubts and realize your projects, both professionally and emotionally.

Your professional field invite you to engage, since the stars will offer many exciting opportunities. On the other hand, you should change your perspective and act differently in your life everyday. In this regard, the brilliant trine Jupiter in Gemini will be support for the first half of the year and will help you solve many problems, look forward with confidence and overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable in recent years. Be full of energy, and this will allow you to put your ideas into practice and to revive your social life. In fact, the planets will help you to make new friends and acquaintances, which could introduce to new environments. In this case, even if these new situations seem to be beyond your reach, you will be able to adapt and take advantage of new contacts arising therefrom.

In January, you will be supported by the trine to Mars, and then from that of Mercury, which will allow you to start with the right foot, stay active, be ready to create many new projects and experimenting with different professional sectors. In addition, you may decide to transfer or change your area of ??activity. In short, you’ll be particularly willing to change the professional sphere and test your skills in projects that appear above your head, in fact, make an unusual choice will allow you to do challenging work and feel appreciated in a short time.

From the evening of May 15 to the morning of May 31, Mercury will support you with a brilliant trine from Gemini. Although this favorable aspect will only last two weeks, the world will give you the chance to relive your creativity and improve your excellent communication skills in order to make some proposals convincing. In this way, you could easily get the support you need to achieve your goals best at the professional level. In fact, in the month of June will be able to carry out all the projects that will be set in May, thanks to the powerful trine Mars in Gemini, that will give you the right energy to hit the target. During this time, you just have to be careful of obstacles or delays that could be caused by the square of Mercury. After all, we know that there is always a small price to pay to achieve any results.

Another favorable period, which will increase your creative abilities and practices, will be from September 9 to 29, when Mercury in your sign will help to shed light on your intentions and priorities, allowing you to create as many long-term projects. In this month, you will be able to count to make new knowledge, which can be useful in the future. So do not hesitate to ask for support. Those of you who are looking for their first job or new should also be known in non-professional in order to increase the chances of finding the best opportunities.

Your emotional life will require a greater emotional involvement and commitment, given that you should avoid being elusive when the other is required. So if you are a couple, you should pay more attention to your partner and stay active in the life of every day. If you’re single and aim to capture a person you like, you should be clear and let him / her know that you are willing to engage seriously. What matters is that you stick to your principles distinguishing a fleeting passion from a deep relationship.

In the month of November and the first week of March 2014, many of you will be asked to take stock of your life. During this time, you should be responsible, bright and determined, in order to carry out your projects and defend your opinions. In fact, the events will not decide for you. If you make a decision on the separation or the beginning of a new relationship, you should speak your mind and avoid being diplomatic and correct at all costs. In fact, causing some tension will be almost inevitable.

From February 2nd to the early hours of 26 February, the beautiful trine Venus in Aquarius will give you the opportunity to start a new relationship, or, if you are a couple, experimenting with new ways to live your relationship. The planet we invite you to enjoy some unexpected features of your sentimental sphere, then you will realize that you are less traditional than you thought. Many of you will fall in love or become infatuated with a person who is away from your normal environment.

From the morning of May 9 to June 3, Venus in Gemini can trigger the desire to experience the feelings of joyful adventure fleeting, as if you were a teenager. For those of you who are young or have never been in love, this is an ideal time to enjoy all the overwhelming emotions that might upset pleasantly emotional balance and prompt you to take some risks galvanizing. Some meetings will be particularly pleasant 29 to 30 May and may be harbingers of good prospects.

Your love season will begin on the afternoon of August 16 and end on the morning of September 11. This period will be special, since you will be able to count on the support of Mars stimulating the end of August, in fact, the stars will revive the passion, melt your heart and loosen up, making you very attractive and charming. Couples who are in crisis will have a chance to recover, while the singles who want to fall in love and commit themselves to a stable relationship will be spoiled for choice. In this respect, the most promising day to meet that special someone will be 7 to 8 September.

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