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Horoscope 2013

1st decan February 20 – March 1
2nd decan March 2-10
3rd decan March 11-20

2013 will certainly be a significant year, since that will allow you to solve many complex situations that have made your life unstable for a long time. In fact, the support of the trine of Saturn throughout the year and the trine of Jupiter from June 26 will help you to realize your ideas and projects and stabilize emotional situations or family that seemed to exist on a day to day basis. In fact, this year invite you to define and clarify them in order to avoid stressful consequences and return to self-esteem. In other words, the recovery will be celebrated, since the planets will allow you to sort your ideas and implement projects that have been confused for too long. So you’ll be able to make life less unstable, making the most of your potential and achieve tangible results. The trine and sextile Saturn in Scorpio Pluto from Capricorn will be supporting with their stabilizing action, and give you plenty of opportunities to put into practice the ideas that you care more, and to develop any project. This will help you sort your inner life and your life on a practical level too, allowing you to efficiently reach all the goals and pick up some fruit satisfactory, especially in the summer. In fact, Mercury will support you in the sign of Cancer from August 8, so its brilliant trine will allow you to take and implement all the actions.

This will be a melting pot for you and you’ll be able to implement the process of transformation that is a constant aspect of your nature, you’ll increase the resources and improve your skills in order to achieve excellent results, thereby improving your prestige, strengthening their self-esteem and improve your financial situation. In this regard, a more secure income can also lead to try a new situation, especially in autumn. In addition, the stars in the fall will also help those of you who want to solve some old scores or to find a cost-effective solution in any complex hereditary, contentious legal or tax advice. In this case, you can solve everything quickly without spending too much money. In short, 2013 will be an excellent year, although it may start with the handbrake on. Then you will be able to achieve some interesting targets, little by little, in order to revolutionize and enjoy the taste of power and success for the first time in your life.

From a professional point of view, Mercury will be in Serbian for you three good times during which it will be generous profit opportunities. In fact, facilitate the creation of all those projects that interest you most at work and in social life, you will be open to new friendships and acquaintances and find an interesting environment that could stimulate your creativity, making the protagonist of many pleasant and enriching experiences that could also benefit from your work.
From the afternoon of February 5 the early hours of April 14, Mercury will transit your sign and you will particularly insightful in the first half of the month, allowing business perfume in the air and catch a lot of interesting opportunities. In addition, some new knowledge can be useful for your work, while Mars transiting your sign at the same time you will practice, active and reactive. On the other hand, you may encounter some obstacles, but what matters is that you fulfill what fate has in Serbian for you. You can get excellent results that will enhance your self-confidence and allow you to engage in those activities in which you are most interested.

From May 31 to August 8, Mercury will transit Cancer and join forces with Jupiter in the same sign by the end of June, their double trine enough to start the most successful events of the year. In fact, we will bring in a special period, which will be full of opportunities for profit, and you’ll be able to easily grasp. During this period, you will be able to reap the benefits of the work you do in the first half of the year, and the result will be worth the investment. In fact, you may even get some extra money, that will certainly help in the coming months. For those of you who are waiting for a promotion, some good news could come in the months characterized by the appearance of support of Mercury, while those of you who are looking for a first job can get some interesting offers, the terms of which can become safer over time, if you play your cards right. This will be a good time for those of you who are studying or want to propose innovative ideas or projects.

From September 29 to the early hours of December 5, trine from Mercury will be in Scorpio, where it will be in conjunction with Saturn. This combination will stabilize sound all that you have accomplished so far. Of course, this will only happen if you invest in serious initiatives and profits, which are intended to give his life a secure base. In this way, you will be able to realize all projects and any additional commitments; Saturn will sweep away all illusions and expectations sterile in order to make it more practical. Then you will be able to start with a clear mind and achieve those goals that can improve your life. Remember that October 6-8 and November 26 to 27 days will be favorable for the signing of a contract, get a loan or anything else could make the future more stable.

With regard to your emotions, the stars will have some surprises in Serbian for you, as long as you are willing to take responsibility and define your intentions at the beginning of any relationship. In other words, if you desire to enjoy the pleasant occasions that year offer, you should avoid an ambiguous, since you will be required to take a position, even if your location is not conventional. In any case, the clarity must be the main thread of your relational sphere, in order to avoid misunderstandings or friction which could cause deterioration or complications, especially in the first part of the year. Remember that sometimes a refusal warehouse may be a guarantee for peace of mind, so do not procrastinate because you’re afraid of hurting the other person or hope to avoid a hostile climate around you.

The mating season begins February 26 and ends March 22. During this period, the romance and passion tinged your life with vibrant colors, thanks to the support of Mars, which will also be your sign in transit until the early hours of March 12. You will have the opportunity to enjoy an adventure of fire, experience a new way of loving or discover certain feelings, thanks to a new person, that could be a potential partner. Of course, this great atmosphere positively affect those of you who are a couple, for refueling passion in your menage and revive the emotions and the complicity that seemed forgotten in a boring routine. The best days to meet new interesting people, get involved or give a casual flirt will be 2 to 3 March.

Between June 3 and 27, the trine of Venus from the sign of Cancer inaugurate romantic early summer, which can also heat up those of you who seem immune to any emotional stimulus. You will be overwhelmed by strong emotions, which will make you charming, seductive and irresistible as he can yield to the charm of love and passion of fire, thanks to a new person. In short, there are good prospects for a meeting destinic that could revolutionize your emotional life, in particular, on 19-20 June.

From September 11 to October 7, Venus will trine in the sign of Scorpio, will join forces with the powerful support of Saturn. This combination will support the beginning of all stable bonds, and will allow you to meet a person who may be older or more experienced than you. Of course, even those of you who are in a couple will be able to enjoy this time of the year and return the motivation to continue your relationship or decide to break, if you are at the end of the line. This will make you feel free and ready to start a new relationship that can give you the passion and stability in return. The best days for new experiences will be 27 to 28 September.

Finally, from 5 November until early March 2014, Venus will be in Capricorn sextile from and to highlight your love life, stabilizing and realize the dreams that you have loved ones in secret for a long time. In any case, you should wait for the time to be ripe and avoid being overwhelmed by the desire to get it all at once. In this way, you will realize that many things are possible and even certain.

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