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Horoscope 2013

1st decan November 23 – December 2
2nd decan December 3-11
3rd decan December 12-21

2012 was not a great year for you, since that may have caused a little ‘stress and intolerance towards everything and everyone. At times, your bad mood and nervousness may have affected your relationships and alienated some people. On the other hand, could be an opportunity to get rid of those useless reports that there has dragged on for too long, giving up many advantages and pleasures. Above all, you should have learned that you can not always be good-natured and tolerant of everything and everyone. In fact, he realized that sometimes your naive optimism may be useless or even counterproductive, as it could be an obstacle to the achievement of your goals in your emotional and professional. You should keep in mind that the beginning of the year might be a little ‘difficult, because you may be confused about what you should do, or you may feel the sensation of losing motivating the target. So you might have missed the right stimuli that could help you be the star of your life. In this regard, it should not be influenced by anxiety or discouragement, so try to avoid engaging in a colossal project without concrete guarantees, or depend on someone who can do some interesting promises without their realization.

So, until mid-April, to avoid engaging in any investments or activities at risk, unless you can count on a trusted person in the sign of Capricorn (or have some planets in Capricorn in your natal staff). In other words, you should pay attention to details, carefully consider every choice and avoid being influenced by any anxiety that could become impatient or even aggression, in order to cancel the job in no time. Try to wait for the time to mature, and do not take to achieve your goals, on the contrary, always all at once would be useless, especially if it aims to achieve long-term results and stable conditions, which could be crucial to your existence.

January will be an interesting month, if you want to entertain new ideas and start implementing radical changes in your professional sphere. Then, from February 5th to the early hours of April 14, you may need to make some design changes, due to external situations which may frustrate your efforts or alter his attention. In this case, try to stay calm, determined and far-sighted, if you look forward, you will realize that the future is not as dark as it seems. In fact, from April 14 to May 1, the trine to Mercury in Aries will revive your enthusiasm and optimism, which allows you to feel motivated and get the results of the projects you entertained for a long time.

In summer, between August 8 and 23, the trine to Mercury in Leo inspire you to undertake major projects and can give you the chance to start a new job or finally the task or transfer you expected. From the last week of August, the stars will make you more combative and supportive, and you solve a momentary stalemate that could prevent any new projects that will begin in August. If you were forced to give up your vacation and spend more time at work, you should not regret it, because you will be rewarded on the cheap too. The New Moon August 6 foster social relationships and invite you to let you know in your industry, in order to get the attention they deserve, thanks to the efforts you have made in the past.

In the period between December 5 and 24, Mercury will transit your sign and mark a period of feverish activity, in reality, it will promote the movement (on all fronts) and can lead to some new job opportunities or contacts with people who may be far from your everyday life. We suggest cultivating this new knowledge, it could lead to interesting friendships and collaborations. Their support will definitely help you start 2014 with more determination, in this way, you will be able to achieve your best, after many efforts and sacrifices during this significant year and invigorating. In fact, you’ll be able to gain greater self-esteem thanks to some concrete achievements.

Your emotions will be full of events and changing in 2013. It will be so by choice, since you like to dive into some unusual situations or ambiguous that can afford to dream. On the other hand, you may just prefer some causal links, as you focus on your personal and professional fulfillment. So, you should spend more time at work, rather than your love life. In other words, this year can bring many adventures and feelings that are not destined to last, then you should not wait until a chance meeting could turn into a relationship. Those of you who are in a couple can feel a strange atmosphere of confusion and uncertainty, but this feeling can be intriguing and could increase not to take anything for granted. This can help to rekindle the passionate feelings that seemed to be lost and the personality of your partner to the max. In any case, the stars do not recommend taking any final decision before the summer, because you can risk some errors of judgment.

Meanwhile, in February will be an exciting month for new knowledge and the creation of important joint projects, if you’re already a couple. Then you will be able to implement your choices since March 22, when the trine Venus in Aries will help you work on your goals and give you the possibility to count on the cooperation of your partner. Until the morning of April 15th, you’ll be particularly seductive and able to get what you want from your relational sphere, since you will be able to count on a good deal of energy and determination that will allow you to overcome any (apparently insuperable obstacles ). In addition, you can have a meeting that could be deeply erotic. Spring will revive your senses and offer some interesting opportunities and adventures overwhelming on April 9-10.

Between June 27 and the morning of July 22, Venus trine will offer you a wonderful sign of Leo. The planet of love will bring us a hot summer that will have many surprises for you in Serbian. In fact, it will help especially those of you who are looking for a soul mate or want to test your relationship with your partner. Make the most of the support of Venus in early summer, as it can bring some new features to enjoy in the coming months. The day’s most promising to meet that special someone will be July 9 to 10 and 19-20.

Finally, the mating season begins in the afternoon of October 7 and will conclude on the morning of November 5. During this period, you will be so attractive that it will win the heart of the person you like or, if your relationship is in crisis, you will be able to recover it. In any case, use tact and savoir-faire and to avoid being influenced by anxiety. In fact, staying patient will be an effective strategy to conquer a person who could become important in your life over time.

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