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Horoscope 2013

1st decan October 23 – November 2
2nd decan November 3-12
3rd decan November 13-22

Who told you that the transit of Saturn in your sign would introduce a critical and difficult period? In fact, this is one of the many clichés that paint a gloomy picture of the world and represent it as a saboteur of your happiness. On the other hand, you need to ask a more philosophical question: what is happiness?

Saturn will be in your sign for the end of 2013 and will extend its transit for the following year, the opening of a new phase in your life. In fact, during this period, you will be required to resolve some difficult situations, which may cause some discontent anxiety or tension with those around you. In other words, it is time to reflect, look inside and see the light at the end of the tunnel, after having accepted the responsibility and resolve difficult situations you have neglected until now. In this regard, the first experience in this process can be difficult, so you may feel overloaded with responsibilities and work. On the other hand, this is the price to pay for future improvements, since things will start to improve in the second half of the year, particularly when the trine of Jupiter from Cancer begins June 26.

In fact, your efforts will be recognized and rewarded in the spring late, thanks to the added support of trine Mercury in Cancer from May 31 to August 8. Everything will change for the better, because the planet will help you accomplish many projects and unlock some deadlocks on which you collected your brain for a long time. The stars invite you to be patient, especially in the first half of the year. Then, when the time is right, you will be able to give your best and play a leading role at the right time.
Obviously, this will affect your social and professional fields, so you should take into account the commitments and responsibilities. In this regard, you should be smarter and take advantage of the opportunities that will be offered to learn to be more diplomatic and strategic. In this way, you will be able to achieve outstanding results and understand the true power of Saturn, that will help you grow and strengthen the most important aspects of your life.

If you want to take the helm of all major initiatives in order to enhance your prestige, or if you want your deserve to be recognized, you will be able to seize opportunities. To be precise, the months of March, June, July, October and November will be the most promising, since you’ll be able to count on an effective vision and charisma that will help you bring your ideas and convince the right people.

From the afternoon of February 5 the early hours of April 14, the trine to Mercury in Pisces will make you particularly insightful, so you’ll be able to catch some good opportunities, especially at the professional level. In addition, this period will be particularly keen to reach a fair agreement in any negotiation of business or the conclusion of an agreement hereditary. Students will be able to count on support unexpected and, in general, the situation is encouraging for all of you, since the sky will help you break a stalemate and move forward in a calm and purposeful.

Also, remember that Mars in Pisces will continue to support you until March 12 in order to increase your energy and determination, in order to hit the target on all fronts. February 7 to 8, you can have the feeling that could shed light on some aspects of reality that have been overshadowed for too long.

Mercury will transit cancer for a long time, so that your Sun will offer its brilliant effects from May 31 to August 8. The planet will give its best when Mars will be in Cancer on July 13, and this combination effectively offer many interesting opportunities for your professional sphere. In addition, it will give a little ‘well-deserved recognition and help you achieve some good results in economic terms, as Jupiter will also support a practical level. These summer months will be important for you, since they will reward you for the many efforts you have made in previous months. So, if you invest resources in worthwhile initiatives, the second half of the year will bring many concrete results. This period will also support the relational and social spheres, allowing you to create new contacts and acquaintances, which can be useful if you want to start a fruitful collaboration and teamwork.

Finally, from 29 September to 5 December, Mercury will transit your sign and invite you to focus on those aspects that have to be set professional and financial sectors, especially if you’re dealing with questions of inheritance or legal. In this regard, you should be particularly cautious and attentive to all the details. From October 15, the transit of Mars in your sign will help you overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals one of the best for the umpteenth time. Despite the weather gloomy and pessimistic about the conjunction of Saturn, 2013 will be full of satisfaction and success. Of course, you should not expect Pennies from Heaven, but you need to work towards your goals, using the power and intelligence. For this reason, the results will be reliable and durable for years to come.

With regard to your emotions, the situation is particularly varied and many of you will feel the desire to fall in love again, as if you were shy adolescents. In other words, the stars will ignite with passion and allow you to discover some erotic sensations, which are not only to do with sex, but also with the desire to feel special when you are with your partner. From February 26th until the early hours of March 22, Venus in Pisces will make you romantic and seductive, while the harmonic aspect of Mars adds a touch of fiery passion. If you’re single, this planetary combination will allow you to make some new friends and exciting, while it will also help those of you in a couple rediscover harmony and pleasant emotions that seemed lost. The most promising will be March 2 to 3 days.

The trine Venus in Cancer from June 3 to 27 will usher in a summer romantic and passionate, when you can do some meetings destinic, which could liven up your mood and stimulate the feelings that turn the clocks back. This new feeling will help you test yourself in your sentimental sphere, if you do that with your partner or with a new person. You can give your best in your relationship and you will experience unforgettable emotions. Then you will not have to go without them in the coming months.

Your love season will begin September 11 and will end on October 7. If you give in to enjoy your emotions at this time, you will be able to recover the lost time. In fact, all decisions to do with your sentimental sphere will become long-lasting and stable in the coming months, especially if you’ve met someone special. In this regard, long-term sextile Venus in Capricorn from 5 November to early March 2014 will bring stability to your privacy and foster those relationships that want to grow, making some long-term plans together.

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