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Online guide Tips E-commerce for new job and questions work

Online guide Tips E-commerce for new job and questions businesses and evaluations of those who work with online offers top quality brands at affordable prices.

Online guide Tips E-commerce

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E-commerce will never be a sector in crisis? Apparently this area not only knows no crisis but is also rapidly developing. To confirm this thesis is a search of the ‘Observatory B2C eCommerce Netcomm – School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, based on the year 2011, what has been called one of the worst of the global crisis.

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Research shows that e-commerce has improved its market penetration of 2%, which increased (and increasing) online buyers (9 million, up 7%) and those who already have increased their buying spending by the average of 960 per year up to 1050.

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But how important is to have an online store for a brand known and famous? Very, according to research, especially to compete internationally. An absence on the web site or a non-functional for direct sale is a major limitation that can not be ignored. Instead, the Italian situation is still rather backward from this point of view: the e-commerce is still considered an extra feature and not a necessity for the company.

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In reality, how important the e-commerce market is demonstrated by the success of couponing sites as you can see the shoe store and online fashion Zalando offering a wide range of quality products and famous brands, or Groupon, PrezzoFelice, Groupalia, Letsbonus. According to the research, they would own these sites to be ‘driving’ the acquisition of new buyers on the Internet and their effectiveness ‘crisis’ and have proven popular with users. The Italian web shoppers grow, so. Are there more to the north (60% of purchases) on average on the center (25%) scarce in the south (15%). Among the sectors most active of course there are trips and clothing.

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The future is represented by the mobile commerce: buy with your phone or tablet represents the future of e-commerce. Promote this way is of great interest to pay for online businesses. For news subscribe through our form to Feed Newsletter. In either case you can use the latest technologies on mobile apps. Therefore following and sharing all our contents by links ; in essence with Follow: on our Twitter, on our Google+, on our Pinterest boards, or like and share on Facebook. We hope the review is your taste thank you for choosing risorseutili.com and good vision in our related articles.

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