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Visitation rights refers to the time allowed to the separated or divorced parent’s legal time that can be spent with his or her children not physically living with the parent. Visitation rights are usually outlined by the parents during the divorce separation time and processed during the final divorce proceedings between the parents. Visitation rights can be simple or complicated depending on the parents and children’s needs.

Questions regarding visitation rights should be consulted with an attorney or the divorce department of your city’s courthouse. Concerns regarding your children’s visitation with the separated spouse or partner are best discussed with someone who knows the law in your state.
Visitation rights and divorce-oriented discussions are best held out of earshot of the children. Children are processing their own emotions during a divorce and their new home living situations. Many children have to pack for long weekends every other weekend or spend half time during the year in one home and the other half of the year in the other parent’s home. Emotional outbursts that may occur from parents regarding visitation rights are best held via attorneys or with a professional who is knowledgeable as to the best interests of the children.
Visitation rights are legal rights of both parents as the rights relate to the children. Unfortunately, some parents take visitation time with his or her children to schedule different activities or change pick-up or drop-off times that conflict with the conditions of the divorce decree conditions.

Discuss the change(s) with your ex-spouse and how it goes against the current divorce decree. Visitation rights are outlined in a legal document. Any changes to the existing legal document visitation times can be considered interference to your legal rights as the other parent.
Changes to visitations can be done without the involvement of attorneys. However, keep in mind clarity in possible changes should be included in the divorce decree outlining how potential changes to schedules and activities are to be handled by either parent to avoid critical and problematic legal issues between the parents.
Visitation rights of the parents may be legally altered by the court if the parent or parents’ actions are found to put the children’s safety is in danger. Visitation rights can be changed by a family court judge should there be evidence a child’s emotional and physical state may be in danger. If a parent feel there is a need to challenge an existing visitation right of the other parent, seeking an attorney or professional can assist the parent in helping him or her determine whether there is sufficient legal determination for the change in visitation rights.

The division of property, changes in living conditions, and division of children’s times can become overwhelming. Divorce happens more often than preferred in accordance to statistics in the United States. Help your children keep a happy and healthy relationship with both parents by providing the family with visitation rights that is conducive to the well-being of the children.

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