Tips to relationships end love guide for behavior with girls

Tips To Relationships End Love Guide For Behavior With Girls

If you are confused about your relationship and don’t know whether the relationship is worth the pain you are experiencing, here are signs that you are with the wrong person. Below are some reasons to break up with your girlfriend.

Tips to relationships

10 Signals.

1. She is trying to change you:

This is certainly not acceptable. When you get into a new relationship, some amount of changes do occur. These changes can be in terms of lifestyle, ambition, maturity, etc. However if she is constantly trying to put you down by changing the person in you, it shows that she doesn’t love you enough.

Tips To Relationships End Love Guide For Behavior With Girls
2. She has been lying to you:

Small white lies here and there can be forgiven sometimes. However, it should not become a practice. Trust is most important in a relationship. If she keeps lying to you all the time, she certainly does not deserve to be with you.
3. Love is absent:

If you feel that you are with her only because of the society, parents or because you don’t want to hurt her, save yourself the trouble. You cannot keep her happy if you don’t love her enough. All relationships may lose some spark at some point in time. However if you feel that no matter how much you try, you can’t feel love for her, it is better to end things.
4. It’s one sided:

Love should be balanced. If you are the only one who is making efforts to make the relationship work while your girlfriend is just sitting with folded hands, your relationship cannot work. There is also the chance that she doesn’t love you enough or she is planning to break up with you. It’s time you talk to her. If it still doesn’t help, it is better to part ways.
5. She keeps humiliating you:

If she loves you, she will respect you. However if she bad mouths about you to others or keeps insulting you all the time, it is time to put your foot down. Nobody has a right to make you feel bad about yourself without your consent. So if she constantly treats you like a fool, it’s time to show her that you’re wise enough by taking the wisest decision ever. Dump her!

6. Over-possessive:

If she tries to keep you away from your friends, doesn’t give you enough space, doesn’t let you talk to your female friends or constantly keeps getting jealous of the people you deal with, there are chances that you are with an insecure looser. It is time to end this nightmarish relationship before it puts an end to your independent happy life.
7. She constantly keeps comparing you with others:

This kind of behavior should not be accepted . As your partner, it is her duty to treat you with love and respect. She should not keep comparing you with others and make you feel bad. The relationship demands that both of you accept each other as you are. Get out of the relationship if that is not happening.

8. She bosses over you:

Does your girlfriend often dictates terms to you? Does she ask you to do things her way all the time? It is your right to put a stop to it. She may be the love of your life, but that indubitably does not give her the power to rule your life.
9. She is a gold-digger:

Does she very often make you spend for her? Is she very demanding and expects you to fulfill all her wants? Does she keep asking you questions about your financial status? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then there is a possibility that you are dating a gold-digger.
10. She has some dangerous addiction:

It can be alcohol or drugs. It can wreck even the strongest relationship. If your girlfriend has a dangerous addiction it is your duty to get her help. Speak to her parents or a counselor. If you feel that she will not leave the addiction,please break up as being into relationship with her may ruin your life as well.

Whoever said break ups were easy? However, sometimes they have to be done for the best. It may hurt but it is for the best of the two of you. It is a price to pay for a better future. For news subscribe through our form to Feed Newsletter. In either case you can use the latest technologies on mobile apps. Therefore following and sharing all our contents by links ; in essence with Follow: on our Twitter, on our Google+, on our Pinterest boards, or like and share on Facebook. We hope the review is your taste thank you for choosing and good vision in our related articles.

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