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The women who dress, Elena Mirò, have certainly a plus, with their size between 44 and over 46, we see parading sparkling, happy, with a perfect smile and sure of himself. Women Elena Mirò, are aware of, and comfortable in front of the lens with the curvy line of the famous brand, she is the woman who Lifestyle-for-women-with-Elena-Mirò-fashion-designer-curvytoday is the counter, because a lot of bay to its image, without homologate the dominant aesthetic of leaner more beautiful. Elena Mirò Curvy women are not “fat and unhealthy“, but the other side of the coin in silhouette, a woman who likes a lot, and many men who always prefer a curve more. Curvy is the softness of the gaze, the generosity of perspective, which is not calculated in pounds, but in sensuality. Just look Laureen McKenzie, the world’s sexiest curvy model, which goes on the catwalk for the collection fall winter 2013-14 For.Me of Elena Mirò, the line designed by Miroglio to shape the world of fashion to curvy shapes .
A successful project, led for the second season on the catwalks, the fruit of the union leaders are technological, very fine fabrics, synthetic and high quality, but the cutting of the fabric is a true work of art. At the head base overlap processed wool coats, fur inserts, and special high school tailoring, making the beautiful shine sizes 44, 46, and over 48.
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All designers present new collection for Elena Mirò Their new trend with accessories always in high demand are visible in our categories and online.

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