Christian Louboutin shoes of Cinderella for Disney women

Christian Louboutin shoes of Cinderella for Disney women new collection tips and guide competition Disney news for women design with tips online most recommended.

Christian Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin shoes of Cinderella in Disney gift participates in the competition. Christian Louboutin recreates the legendary glass slippers to celebrate the release of the restored version of Cinderella. Lace and crystals decorate the shoes of the value of thousands of dollars that are donated to the winner of Disney.

What shoes designers could recreate the Cinderella slipper if not him, the magician of Christian Louboutin shoes? Disney has chosen to reinterpret the French fashion icon of beauty and elegance, a myth, a dream for millions of girls, the famous glass slipper. After 62 years since Walt Disney film, the legend lives on thanks to the timeless Cinderella Shoes Louboutin signed. The animation giant has organized everything in a big way to launch the release on Blu-ray in the restored version of the cartoon. During Fashion Week in Paris just ended, it was revealed the result of collaboration: a shoe embodying the purity, sweetness and grace of Cinderella.

The Cinderella Shoes come true – Thanks to his magic touch, Louboutin has managed to create an iconic image, transforming it into a real object: shoes fairy tale in which the lightness and transparency of tissues meets the beauty and perfection of form. A dream turns into a blunt pair of Pumps in white lace, covered with stones and crystals, which is reminiscent of the glossy transparent crystal. Two butterflies covered with brilliant rhinestones are resting on the tip and back of the shoe, giving a sense of grace to all creation.


Obviously Louboutin could not give up to sign, completing the work with the famous red sole that has always characterized his every creation. A competition to win the shoes of thousands of euros – Cinderella’s shoes were eventually created in reality, but who could afford an enhancement of the value of € 2382.00? The dream of being able to wear the glass slipper could be achieved for all women who participate in the competition organized by Disney. Each competitor will have to publish on the site of a photo studio dell’outfit perfect match for the magic shoes. One will be the lucky one who will take home the precious Cinderella Shoes by Christian Louboutin. The undisputed genius of the shoes said of the collaboration with Disney .

Cinderella view, therefore, as a style icon but also as concrete proof that the right pair of shoes can really change your life.

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Christian Louboutin shoes of Cinderella for Disney women.

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