Prada shoes new collection sandals and wedges spring summer

Prada shoes new collection sandals and wedges spring summer 2013 for women accessories trends designers online fashion resources and brand most recommended.

Prada shoes

Prada shoes new collection sandals and wedges for women fashion catalog spring summer 2013. Prada makes his entrance in the summer, with the new collection fashion shoes boots sandals and wedges, fun and youthful, light as a spring breeze, this new collection of shoes for women Prada Spring Summer 2013 will talk at length about him.



The new Prada collection for women rewards, very original models flat, more like simple socks, made of shiny materials, metallic and declined, in colors such as gold and silver, often decorated with ribbons, mentioning those of the footwear, the Japanese tradition.


The platform more aggressive, are worn with tabi socks leather in the colors of the metal.
New collection of shoes boots sandals and wedges for women Prada Spring Summer 2013, is expressed in pretty sandals flip-flops close to the ground, closed with romantic pink ribbons, iridescent leather straps and silver, to alternate in the most versatile sandals, too low, connected the foot with the strongest metallic bands.


For lovers of the heel, there are high sandals of wood, painted black, tied at the tip of the foot, with whimsical bows. The new collection of shoes boots sandals and wedges for women Prada Spring Summer 2013, with the classic models, stands out for its seductive glare satin black, while the original suede sandals, have their peculiarities, in a functional sole curved worked to arc. These wedges shoes built on a triple level, with matching colored blocks, are a loving tribute to medieval Japan.



The must-haves of the season are the refined slingback black patent tip, which can be alternated with tasselled ballerina in pink, available in the same finishes, all in style Prada.


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