Bach flowers remedies wellness for anxiety stress insomnia

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Bach flower remedies wellness for anxiety stress insomnia








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Bach Flower White Chestnut flower of serenity and well-being this flower dall’ippocastano fighting negative thoughts and helps to regain their optimism through inner harmony.
The Bach flower friend of well-being
With its majestic bearing, broad foliage and large white inflorescences, the ‘horse chestnut instills harmony, peace and balance. Even White Chestnut, the remedy prepared from its flowers, conveys a similar “information” energy of serenity, and is useful for people worried and tormented by distressing thoughts and repetitive. This may be old or recent worries, sorrows and anxieties for the future:
the result is a continuous “brooding” that leaves us exhausted and without peace. Distraction, agitation, fatigue, insomnia and
headaches are the most frequent consequences of this state of mind. White Chestnut is a Bach flower helps to banish unpleasant thoughts, and to foster the ability to relax. Dilute 2 drops of White Chestnut in a bottle of 30 ml., Filled with natural mineral water and 2 teaspoons of brandy. The dose is 4 drops 4 times per day.When and who is it for:- When you are plagued by a stream of obsessive thoughts and repetitive

Bach flowers remedies wellness for anxiety stress insomnia setBach flowers remedies wellness for anxiety
– For those who tend to ruminate endlessly
– In the presence of a mental disorder caused by excessive worries
– For those in need to relax your mind by excessive enthusiasm or euphoria
– For anyone who is a victim of fatigue and headaches from “congestion” mental
– Insomnia by thoughts unstoppable, with disturbed sleep or early morning awakening

Bach flowers remedies wellness for anxiety stress insomnia shopping
Children sleepless sleep well under this flower
The problems of insomnia, sometimes even children can manifest, they are almost always caused by sorrows and worries that trouble them and leave them anxious and agitated: school problems, misunderstandings between buddies, or maybe a delicate situation in the family. 

Bach flowers remedies wellness for anxiety stress insomnia massage
Other times, however, a state of mental excitement and euphoria may result from the enthusiasm for an event awaited with joy – a trip, a school trip … – but that causes a sort of “exaltation”, a source of great weariness.
How-to: White Chestnut is the most appropriate remedy. The doses and route of administration are the same as for adults: 4 drops, 4 times a day.
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