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Beauty of the skin with new natural wrinkle Botox bee venom


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Come the holidays, remember what the article said, on the new Botox? The beauty of the skin with new natural wrinkle Botox as bee venom, which removes dead skin cells stimulates the production of elastin and collagen tension-loved by Kate Middleton. After the royal jelly, the magic honey, propolis and also the miraculous pollen, bees appear to us just made another gift of beauty and youth, and this time with an unexpected ingredient, the poison!

This, according to a beekeeper Brazilian Cyrus Protta, which Tatui, near São Paulo, has designed, mixed, invented, being able to patent a special concoction, a sort of “natural botox to the” approved also dall’Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária The Brazilian health authority.
The beauty of the skin with new natural wrinkle Botox as bee venom, with rejuvenating properties for our skin, but do not worry, if you’re already thinking about a smoky potion, know that it is not pure poison: and the pollen and honey, in Beauty-of-the-skin-with-new-natural-wrinkle-Botox-bee-venomthe active principle is in fact created by Protta the Melitina, an amino acid present in the venom of bees that “tricks” the skin, causing trigger a physiological reaction to the poison which, in contact with the skin, would be able to reduce hate wrinkles. How? By increasing blood circulation, removing dead cells and stimulating increased production of elastin and collagen: a “headache” natural wrinkle!
A natural wrinkle botox, in short, is born on the other side of the world: a dream, to protect themselves without resorting to chemicals and without sacrificing the animals in question, because to get the poison is exploited, simply, a metal device , which releases a mild shock when the bee out of the hive, this will react with a small puncture, releasing a drop of poison.
Yes, this would already be the news of the century aesthetics, but if there was any limit already stated, not all, in fact, Beauty-of-the-skin-with-new-natural-wrinkle-Botox-bee-venom-productagree that the compound is safe and effective. Dr. Valcinir Bedin, dermatologist dell’Universitade de São Paulo, for example, points out that, in contact with the skin, the cream to bee venom may jeopardize normal blood circulation, causing only a “swelling” of the skin, and not its stimulation, with relative production of collagen. And, although it was actually says Protta, it would only be a temporary effect botox wrinkle, which disappear after a few hours already.
The beauty of the skin with new natural wrinkle Botox as bee venom, though perhaps we should seek guidance at Buckingham Palace: I bet you did not know, but the poison in question was already a tendency in difficult times, in the Elizabethan palace. Beauty – Bee venom a natural wrinkle Botox eliminates dead cells and stimulates the production of elastin and collagen headache to appreciate its qualities are Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton, who stated that they have already made use of. Watching Kate, would want to go to Tatui to take a jar of cream Protta, and what do you think?
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