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Cancer nutrition and diet according to John Hopkins

Cancer nutrition and diet according to John Hopkins and new wellness online resources with beauty tips shopping news and many other articles.

Cancer nutrition

Cancer nutrition diet and sports
Cancer nutrition diet and sports


Cancer nutrition and diet according to John Hopkins physical activity positively affects the aging of the organism. A second factor is represented by a low-calorie diet.
And also a healthy routine , psychologically speaking, is a crucial element for living longer. Among centenarians , it is rare that people suffer from anxiety and depression. Keeping mentally active and motivated; rewarding pursuits; respond to stress in a non-destructive; avoid loneliness and develop strong relationships with friends, family and the social group to have a satisfying sex life and love, even in old age; have faith in something (an ideal, a deity ) that goes beyond the limits of individual existence.

Although it seems simple, man has sought and continues to seek out what they might find themselves quietly in the spectrum of possibilities.
The magic word, the miracle potion, the source anti age is a single, accessible to all: Prevention.

Cancer nutrition diet and tips:

Cancer nutrition and drugs to be avoided
Cancer nutrition and drugs to be avoided

The hypotheses on the causes of aging are many, but we are talking increasingly of free radicals ( by-products of oxidative metabolism ) as the main responsible for cell degeneration.
It is estimated that the human body is made ​​up of approximately 100 trillion cells. In old age, more than half have altered the biological structure and many experts attribute this decline to the right toxemia (accumulation of toxins in the body), whose negative effects are reflected mainly on the circulatory system: the progressive closure of the capillaries and renal degenerative arteries.
With an excess of fat in the body, the heart more effort and tissues receive less oxygen and nourishment, results not senility but premature aging and risk of stroke.

Cancer nutrition tips and diet
Cancer nutrition tips and diet


However, in the face of a number of scientific hypotheses about the causes of aging, there is one point on which all scholars agree: every lived has followed all his life (willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously) a set of rules.
Taking a sum of studies carried out in recent decades about the lived and the places where they live, it draws a conclusion comforting: in theory we could all cross the finish line of one hundred years in full form, noting a ” handbook ” suggested by the protagonists themselves. There are in fact of the “constants” physical, behavioral and environmental which characterize the life of centenarians are still healthy and active .
” We live a hundred years with a poor diet based on onion and chilli ” so say the inhabitants of the areas that have the most long-lived people in the world.

From the observation of the subjects overall, it is clear, however, that the two most common and fundamental constants are:

1 ) Physical Activity. Moderate. Intense physical activity or athletic can accelerate aging.

2 ) Diet, essentially and predominantly low-calorie (or even completely ) vegetarian.

Cancer nutrition diet and sports:

Cancer nutrition diet and tips.jpg
Cancer nutrition diet and tips.jpg

So even a poor diet would cause premature aging and a number of diseases , and degenerative, which effectively shorten the life of the mind. The battle for health and youth is being fought primarily at the table, with adequate power to neutralize “free radicals”, which lead to DNA damage.

Among the myths about longevity, is to dispel the belief that life today has been extended by several years. What statisticians call ” life expectancy ” is a factor that may mislead. What has increased in modern times is ” the average age of death ,” which is all ‘ else, and it affects the infant mortality rate (the first year of life), with an excessively faithful in progress, we believe that all the ” primitives” of the planet did a desperate life , die like flies and their average age slightly exceeds thirty. In fact we have given to others, mistakenly , the bad health situation that Europe has suffered until the last century , as if all the pre-industrial societies suffer the same conditions of backwardness. The arrival of our “civilization” on the other hand, for example, led to degeneration and destroyed many of the remote oasis of longevity that exist in the world. The Hunza Valley, discovered in the fifties, was colonized by our “vices” (alcohol, sugar, refined foods ) in the space of thirty years, the population has begun to contract diseases previously unknown (eg caries ) and not longer lives up to 120 years, as often happened.

Cancer nutrition and drugs to be avoided:

Cancer nutrition and anti age
Cancer nutrition and anti age



* Eat little , and only if you are really hungry . Turbocharging is the enemy of longevity.
* Avoid all stimulants and “drugs ” (coffee, tea , chocolate, alcohol , tobacco ) , sugar, and carbonated beverages .
* Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables , preferably raw, whose antioxidants effectively combat “free radicals .”
* Always keep the bowel clean ( constipation causes toxemia ) , consuming foods rich in fiber.
* Walking brisk ( 90/110 steps per minute ) for at least half an hour every day, avoid the elevators.
* Practicing any sport, even in old age.
* Check your own body weight daily and do not exceed the ideal one .
* Avoid clothes , belts , corsets and tight shoes that are stagnant blood.
* Living in the present (ie Carpe diem ) : it is useless to strive rivangando get depressed thinking about the past or the future.
* Always be active mentally and emotionally.
* Search for the maximum independence. Take complete control of your life and accept full responsibility for their own health and well-being .
* Develop a network of friends happy and supportive.
* Working on something meaningful and challenging for all my life. Something in which you believe .
* Travel a lot. It keeps the spirit young and away the aches and pains .
* Adopt a flexible attitude and accept the changes useful : even if the “catastrophe” , you have to reset everything and start again with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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