Fighting the virus flu and colds remedies with best tips

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With cold and the sudden drop in temperature, arrive on time even the common cold and that annoying cough with sore throat, which is often in the company of virus and bronchitis.

We can play early, and prevent these common ailments of the season, according to data held in bed millions of people, and we do we do? you can follow simple rules of hygiene and lifestyle, as suggested: associations of the pharmaceutical industry for prevention and self-care.


Here are the responses:

Keep the temperature of the homes and the workplace no later than 20-21 degrees;

Avoid enclosed spaces and crowded;
Fighting-the-virus-flu-and-colds-remedies-with-best-tips-image-5Follow a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Privilege citrus fruits for their vitamin C content;
Prefer light meals and nutrients, avoid food binges that lead to an overworked body and compromise ability to protect themselves from viruses;

Avoid contact with people who are already ill;
Cover your nose and throat when you leave the house;
Wash your hands often, privileged vehicle of infection;
Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching hands and mouth.
Hopefully, with these easy steps, we can avoid: some hateful day in bed! However better cover themselves

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