Guide of tips wellness walking in nature is good for health

Guide-of-tips-wellness-walking-in-nature-is-good-for-health-image-1Guide wellness tips walking in nature is good for your health and brain combats anxiety and depression self-esteem and helps improve the immune system.





















Barefoot in the park? Not needed. Just a stroll traditional, with sneakers or shoes with which you feel most comfortable. Everything else takes care of itself: contact with nature that can give four steps in a villa in the countryside or at least has a therapeutic effect to be feared that few rivals.
Outdoor, only benefits
To support that spending time in nature is necessary for your physical and mental wellbeing is a study conducted by U.S. researchers at the University of Illinois, led by Frances “Ming” Kuo. American experts have cross data from several studies carried out in recent years in which he attempted to see if, indeed, the great outdoors and in contact with nature really procure benefits to body and mind. The result? Access to natural environments improves cognitive function, self-discipline and helps to control impulses, contributing to better mental health, on the contrary, the non-attendance of green space is linked to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and to higher rates anxiety and depression.

Less green equals more problems
environments surrounded by trees and grass also promote the physical and psychological recovery post-operatively, to help maintain high levels of activity and improve the functioning of the immune system, on the other hand, however, the environment less “green” are associated with higher rates of childhood obesity, to higher rates of cardiovascular disease and higher mortality rates.
And, as if enough “in low green are found higher rates of aggression and violence, even after adjusting the results for income and other factors. Who, instead – said Kuo – live in contact with nature is more generous and sociable. perceives more ties of neighborhood, feel a stronger sense of community and mutual trust and is more willing to help others. “

Previous studies
That nature had a therapeutic effect seemed clear to researchers of the University of Rochester that last year, in a study that made the pages of the scientific journal “Journal of Environmental Psychology”, had shown that being in contact with nature is a real antidote to depression, which can turn good humor and vitality. Good for the body and mind.
According to experts, to change the course of a bad day and get your fill of positive energy just very little: just 20 minutes in the middle of the green to drive up levels of vitality .

contact with nature combats anxiety and depression, increases self-esteem, enhances the brain, helps the immune system.

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