Guide to beauty makeup of the bridal on the wedding day

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“What was the bride.” This is the most common question that is asked guests to a wedding where the curiosity and expectations are largely related to the appearance of the bride, her dress, her hair and, of course, to her makeup. For a bride everything is permitted: hairpieces, extensions, false eyelashes, false nails, petticoats, high heels, all permissible because she appears not only as the most beautiful and the most elegant of the day but always. Economy of a wedding makeup is an item that can be more or less important.

Guide-to-beauty-makeup-of-the-bridal-on-the-wedding-day-image-3The same choice will be made in different ways: some welcome the suggestion of his own hair salon offering beauty, not always specialized in make-up, and there are those who decide to try three or four different professional makeup artists before choosing what hands to entrust your face on your wedding day.
It goes without saying that makeup is an aesthetic artifice subjective, related to taste, physical appearance, character, the dress you wear, the kind of marriage to realize. However, there are rules that should be followed.

Makeup alone, even if you think you have a “good hand”. On the wedding day, in fact, the emotion can play tricks. Better, then, to rely on a professional and experienced hand, possibly to those who are able to feel and look more beautiful brides than they are in the life of every day.
The makeup artist will study a make- up on the basis of physical appearance and personality: unnecessary to create an image of a shy or aggressive trick soap and water on a woman very sexy.
makeup must meet the taste of the woman, mediating between what is asked and what will really make it more beautiful.
The makeup artist will have to work in synergy with the hair stylist to coordinate interventions: a make-up designed to “shorten” the nose is useless if the hairdresser will created a compact fringe that covers the front or middle row. In these cases you are likely to have the opposite effect to what is desired.
Guide-to-beauty-makeup-of-the-bridal-on-the-wedding-day-image-4Proof make-up must be made at the times and hours of the ceremony. The students can check the duration of the make-up and observe the success with the same intensity of light that will be at the ceremony.
It would be desirable that the proof of the makeup is done immediately after the test of ‘ hair and possibly wearing dress and jewelry that will be worn for the ceremony, so that you can make an overall assessment of the aspect.
Check the yield makeup on photos to take after the test. If the photo of the wedding also includes shots in black and white, keep in mind that in the latter, the makeup tends to lighten up at least 40%.
Persuade the husband to resort to a trick too specific (The trick to men), to settle the aesthetic contrast with the bride, especially in photographs.
Recommend makeup to be punctual: the operation of make-up should be done quietly and in the necessary time.
Ask the make-up artist to be accompanied by an assistant who can help but also make sure whether you need to make to third parties, as a mother, sister, etc.. without the makeup divert attention from the bride.
Do not hesitate to report to makeup any imperfections that can be enhanced by photographs.
If the make-up artist will not be present during and after the ceremony, take the advice you need to make minor adjustments to be made especially before photographs of ritual.

proof make-up must be made at the times and hours of the ceremony. The students can check the duration of the make-up and observe the success with the same intensity of light that will be at the ceremony.


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