New makeup to correct the irregularities of the round face

New-makeup-to-correct-the-irregularities-of-the-round-face-image-2New makeup to correct the irregularities of the round face tips and all advice online for skin with new products and recipes for new fashion trendy news look.


























The trick irregularities corrective makeup to correct the irregularities of the face or corrective makeup to enhance the woman’s face. Nature, fortunately, does not always respect the rules that Leonardo da Vinci developed to judge the regularity and beauty of a face. If not, there would be a certain uniformity of human faces and would be absent those characterizations that make it so “special” and unique face of every person. Into The irregularities with respect to perfection are key enablers for individuality aware of what allows you to get to know and accept with the confidence to take remedial measures, however, that, even in imperfection, make the pretty face and expressive. In principle, the irregularities of the face are treated in each of the categories in which you can make adjustments that enhance the quality and overshadow the flaws.


ROUND FACE – Make correction to correct the irregularities of the face
You characterized by the roundness of the cheeks that hide the bone structure of the cheeks and jaws.
This face can be extended with appropriate measures: a dark foundation you can shade the contours from the cheekbone to the jaw fading towards the mouth, and then, with the foundation clearer light the chin and forehead, so treasured, accentuate the verticality of the face. The eye make-up and the line of the eyebrows can be designed to thin the face: the eyebrows must have a drawing ascending and eyes must be extended using pencils and eye shadow to darken the upper eyelid to the outside.

In the drawing of the mouth suggests the verticality is preferable to illuminate the central part of the lips with a lipstick lighter and brighter than the one used for the outline.

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