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Houseplants-can-save-lives-new-guide-tips-wellness-image-1Houseplants can save lives. A new study suggests that potted plants can significantly reduce the level of stress and disease











E ‘is strictly the prerogative of women (with some exceptions) have the so-called “Green Thumb”, ie love gardening and house plants. Precisely the latter are often used in our homes to beautify the interiors. But scientists argue that the benefits of houseplants are not limited only to their outer beauty and their pleasant smell. A new study suggests that potted plants can significantly reduce the level of stress and illness, as well as improve efficiency, as they absorb the volatile agents that pollute the air. According to the World Health Organization, air pollutants, pose a serious threat to health and are responsible for 1.6 million deaths each year. Researchers have identified five plants that should always be present in every home. The air in the home is 12 times dirtier than the outside, and are particularly harmful evaporation of lacquers and paints, solvents, building materials and even tap water. All produce so-called volatile organic compounds that can cause various diseases. The University of Georgia researchers have said that some houseplants can not only improve the indoor climate, but also increase the efficiency of the people. In total, the researchers tested 28 house plants for their ability to absorb impurities in the air. But only 5 of them have proved even more effective than others, having excellent ability to absorb as many as four different pollutants. The plants in question are: Hemigraphis AC, Hedera helix, Hoya carnosa, Asparagus densiflorus and Tradescantia pallida.

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