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Corrective makeup for lips and tips for skin of the lips

Corrective-makeup-for-lips-and-tips-for-skin-of-the-lips-image-1Enlarge or reduce the shape of the lips with makeup you can but the surgery is done to perfection without smudging it asymmetries.









Correct lips uttered:

If you want to make them appear smaller and thinner than you should choose soft colors and lackluster. In other words, these lips are a bit “off” avoiding an outline of the darker color of the lipstick, which could cause the opposite effect to that sought.

The technique to make them appear smaller is to lay a foundation covering the lips, outline with a pencil the same shade of lipstick a contour closer to the natural conclusion by applying the lipstick to last choice, preferably not in tone on.Correct

small lips should be enlarged with a base covering a red pencil to sketch the outline thicker and wider than the natural one, and a lipstick with a little ‘more clear and vivid that serves to fill the inside.

thin lips should never be rigged too:

avoid very dark shades (even if this season is all the rage palette of purple) and determine the reds.

Another caveat is to choose a texture Brilliant and matte (dull) because the lips appear thinner.

To give volume and thickness do not plot margins ever exists or if natural outputs from the edges of 1 mm at most.

Otherwise the result would be unsightly.

You can instead choose a path that is a cross between the correction and decorative make-up.

To achieve an interesting finish, fixing the rest of the face highlighting other elements, like the eyes and cheeks.In this way

distoglierete the attention from the “defect”.

correct asymmetrical lips:

When the shape of the mouth is irregular and for example the upper lip is larger than the lower one, or vice versa. To make the same aspect, the larger or smaller part, of course, the larger shrunken.

The rule to be used must take account of the classic nose-mouth relationship chin and mouth.

lipsticks should be used to enhance tone without overdoing it in color it.

Outline the edges with just lipstick pink or amber is the best solution.

To give balance, intervene on the drawing:On regular lip

highlighted the outline with the pencil on the thinner, slightly out from the edge.

To prevent this, corrective action is too well known (especially in profile) used for the upper lip, a pencil of a darker shade of lipstick, without exceeding in coming from the real edges.

Sfumatela perfectly applied lipstick.

the lower one, the outline is drawn inside the border with a natural pencil of the same tone of lipstick.

fleshy lips:

The lips are somewhat important or obvious symbol of the turgidity of adolescence: are carnal, passionate and sensual expression.Who

these lips if they do not have to do a problem-they might even consider it an affectation, a strength of his image.

But if you really do not like or embarrasses, mimetizzatele with pencils and lipstick shades natural and calm. Otherwise, have fun, to emphasize this detail.

For the eye makeup and the rest of the face and do not overdo it with foundation, mascara and blush.

For a more balanced result should be stressed eyes.

In this way, the mouth becomes less clear.

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