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I have to redo the breast how much does plastic surgery?

I-have-to-redo-the-breast-how-much-does-plastic-surgery-image-1I have to redo the breast how much does plastic surgery? They say he has some risk general anesthesia and operation must be repeated later, why?






















Make the breast, a choice more and more practiced by a large number of women, ready to undergo surgery in order to feel more comfortable, just to feel better with themselves. Yet, even though now it has become a routine for which the costs were considerably reduced over time, it is still a surgical procedure and as such can always hidden pitfalls. As we said the cost is now almost for all budgets, although in a recessionary period like the one we are experiencing, it becomes difficult to think that you want to face a charge of this kind only an aesthetic, but then you are not able to face charges that really matter, such as those concerning their own health.


Today, the average cost of an operation like this is around $ 8,000, turnkey might say. The cost of a ‘surgery is determined, as well as from the parcel to be paid to the cosmetic surgeon, from the parcel of the team, because action will never be executed by a single person, from the parcel anesthesiologist, the cost the charter of the operating room and hospital stay in the facility.
I-have-to-redo-the-breast-how-much-does-plastic-surgery-image-4Today, an intervention of this kind, you can run it under local anesthesia (assisted), which under general anesthesia, at the discretion of the surgical team, which will assess the time to time and on a case by case basis. As mentioned above, given that it is a surgery, complications are always possible, even if objectively reduced to a minimum, so it is always advisable, one would say that it is a condition essential, always visit a facility capable of handling emergencies, which then are the real risk of any surgery, especially if done under general anesthesia.

It ‘also a good idea to be wary of those who offer intervention at prices far the most interesting and also the surgeon who does not explain fully all stages of intervention and not from a complete to the patient, especially about the possible risks you may face.
One of these is the possibility that it is necessary to reoperation for a less correct prosthesis rare occurrence but possible.
The duration of a implants over time is, perhaps, an unknown, although modern prostheses, the reliable and not of the kind that the French have recently been declared unfit, have a very long life, so that they can remain in place even for life but this possibility would be quite exceptional. Must therefore be taken into account that one day, you may need a new operation for replacement of the prosthesis.

I-have-to-redo-the-breast-how-much-does-plastic-surgery-image-5One of the reasons for which it is possible to occur this, is that, usually, the tissues always develop around the prosthesis that ultimately it is a foreign body to the body , a fibrotic tissue said fibrous capsule that completely surrounds the prosthesis so that in some cases it may tighten it to such an extent as to cause an alteration of its shape, which may be necessary for a new intervention. It must be said, however, that the latest generation of implants tend not to determine this phenomenon, so in the end it all depends on the individual reaction may be different from person to person.

Another consideration to keep in mind is that an intervention of breast implants can not always meet the expectations of every woman. For example, it is unthinkable to become a first step, so to speak, a fourth or fifth because the poor can not cover it completely tissues present. Therefore, before opting for breast surgery, it is good to have a very clear idea about what you want to obtain.
In addition, another important step, it is good to talk with the surgeon chosen for the intervention, so as to be fully informed of everything, starting from risks, to finish to the costs. Only then can make a decision with confidence.

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