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New look with hairstyles and hair trends for hair stylist

New-look-with-hairstyles-and-hair-trends-for-hair-stylist-image-1New look with hairstyles and hair trends for hair stylist You can find guide of beauty and wellness this and many other articles that talk new trends.
























Trends hair according to the hair stylist: yes to the ‘wet hair’ style ‘surf chic’. Returns the glamorous look natural. And, at some trends ‘modern vintage’. The trend report with predictions for hair trends of various international hair stylists. The hair stylist officers tell us more about the trends in haircuts and hairstyles new looks for the coming season. During Fashion Week hair care for the most important designers of Paris, Milan and New York. None better than a hair stylist, who spends literally weeks at the backstage of the most important fashion shows, can you tell us in detail what will be the hair trends next venture. Here are the looks she recommend:


What can we expect with regard to women’s fashions

After over a month of shows at the conclusion of the Paris fashion week, the trend emerged for women for spring summer is the ‘wet hair’. It is a style ‘surf chic’ which has been developed according to the fancy of the greatest hair stylist in the world, with romantic tones, such as Chanel, where the party boyish look was embellished with an elegant play of beads, up the retro style of the 50s inspiration from Prada.


And what about the everyday life? What tips for styling hair for women

There will be a strong return to glamor and a natural desire to spontaneous beauty with soft texture. The message you communicate your hair this summer is ‘wash and go’. The natural movement of the hair is the crown jewel of summer. Sprinkle a little ‘hair spray on damp hair to give texture and then turn your hair into a bun to get soft subtle waves.


What styles like in particular for the coming season?

The parades have been customized trends (towards the natural hair movement and soft texture) in style Teddy Boys revisiting the effect quiff (tuft) which resulted in the hair styling of the era. The end result was a hairstyle graphics and pulled on the sides that buy in volume and softness lengths.

A hairstyle with a split personality, I would say, masculine and rebellious but at the same time feminine and ethereal. We wanted to leave the read lengths to enhance the elegance of the collection that has given rise to the models on the catwalk as the fairies of the summer.


There will also influences back for the summer

Yes, summer will come with a nostalgic tone. A modern look that will make a wink to the 50s as we have seen in the Fendi fashion show, where they marched hives geometric glamor to 70s of Anna Sui.

This is the new trend “modern vintage” fashion show in Mila Schön playing with the 60s and inspired by the middle-class woman, elegant and perfect for those years by mixing tradition with ‘eccentricity hippies of the late ’60s.


Hair front communicated with the freedom of the end of that decade with a lateral line that left out a few tufts giving effect to look undone; side and in the back instead of revealing all the rigor and the beauty of the sixties hairstyles. A beehive at the nape anticipated a soft tail for a final unexpected result of contamination.

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