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Make the most of your texture with these modern haircuts trendy. Join the top with the boys new flattering hairstyles of the next stagione.Avere a fashionable cut and modern is the first step to feel good about themselves and to better face the new year. Define the right length to keep them as short or long crested or not, shaved on the sides or not: in short, as soon as you have half a mind to give a different cut proposals that invade the mind are many. How to be fashionable with a single cut? Let’s find out. Before you make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser is always good to make sure you have a well-defined idea of ​​cutting that turns out to be right with your personality and your ability to styling. Of course, then you can ask your hairdresser some advice but it is always better to have an idea so maybe not to be carried in an innovative cutting too much or too different from the standards that we set. Or maybe a cut that was popular last year, but now is definitely old. If you are short of ideas, here’s a tip that might be useful as it allows you to use a cut in several ways:

– Cutting “versatile”:
With this cut you can discover endless styling options thanks to “trick” to leave the hair longer than to give greater versatility. You can then vary from a cutting brought to the side a clump that falls over his eyes. On the sides you can decide whether to give more volume leaving hair with an average cut or shaved to give a saucy and then give volume and movement with only the upper part of the hair.


Versatility and asymmetry are therefore the watchwords for those who want to indulge themselves in more ways than one with the hair, definitely a way to keep open more roads …

In order to facilitate the process of hair styling is wise to play with the natural texture of your hair. E ‘therefore very important to know how to juggle with your hair. The key issue is therefore the knowledge of the best products to give shape to the hair.

Top 3 products to give form:

– Wax:
– does not make the hair harder as he does the gel. You can go hand in hair and return immediately to the spot. It is therefore the ideal product to maintain a well-defined cut.
– You use the wax to structure better hairstyle: apply it to damp hair to dry naturally or on dry hair to better structure your hairstyle.


– The gel
– Allows a wide variety of styles and a wet, highly sought after.
– Be careful not to use it indefinitely because it likely to dry out your hair.

– creams modeling
They can give shape and volume while retaining a natural style. Useful for people with curly hair tend to.

– The spray
Dona fixing a light to the hair and you can not get your hands dirty. However, do not abuse it because in the long run can ruin the hair.


So these cuts would you recommend for new trends:

– cropped hair with fringe, suitable for a small face and sharp
– medium hair with fringe as long, faces the greatest, but prohibited for those has curly hair, are difficult to manage
– short hair side, but longer in the front, recommended to those who may have the face or on high, who wants a little disguise

– hair crest “combed”, recommended for younger
– forelock hair side, brought along on his face, a little emo style but not too
– hair with bangs flow laterally, to be fashionable even if you are a bit older

look to our pictures, there are many ideas to go to the barber with clear ideas.

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