Beauty tips for makeup skin with foundation cream for winter

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The most useful advice during the winter, is to use a cream more fat to protect the skin against the cold and wind. But if you have already followed this advice perhaps you’ll also have stumbled upon the following problem: not always the combination of the foundation with the fatty cream is one of the happiest. The foundation does not take stain and certain areas of the face are shiny. What to do?

We asked the senior make-up artist, who has up to date on new techniques. Developments in the field of skin care are huge and really much more advanced than the passatom also recently. Here are the professional advice, to get a flawless skin, like that of the models on the catwalk.

Use a nourishing cream rather than a fat cream

More than a fat cream you need to use a nourishing cream. This is true both for men and for women. Choose a cream according to your skin. Perhaps a good technique is to use a much more nourishing cream at night and in the morning a little less moisturizing cream to at least have a good foundation.


The perfect base for foundation. Modern techniques

But if you want to get that flawless yet natural that you see on the runway, then you need to learn about new techniques, we have at our disposal every day. The skins of impeccable models and models are built in layers. To prepare the skin for the foundation can: 1. cleansing the skin, 2. use a spray cooling and allow the skin to dry, 3. put a serum and then 4. moisturizer. Very good to be included in the routine are essential oils that can be mixed with moisturizer. Then you can put the foundation – at this point you could also use very little product – to create a second skin on our skin. If you use the spell mix it with a little ‘primer to create the perfect effect with no texture visible. The preparation is still in first place.

It is very important, however, that among all these steps you give time to the skin in order to receive the products. So the secret is to let the product act on your skin! If you put the foundation on the skin still full of cream, foundation pigment will not adhere well. In most of the spots can form because the cream will probably already absorbed in the driest areas but still on the surface in the most fat. In the event that you are in a hurry you can dab the excess product with a tissue, but it is better to give the right time to act to each product.

Tip: rearrange your morning ritual. Leave the cream as you make coffee in coffee maker

backstage at fashion shows in the make-up artist will have all the time (but not always!) for all these steps, but how can we follow the life of every day? It is a matter of organization. It is true, in the morning we always those five or ten minutes at the most to use. Often we can not afford to have more time available. But we can reorganize our ritual ‘morning’.


The advice: start the day with a facial, then put the serum and go into the kitchen to put on the coffee maker. While coffee is about to boil, the room fills with its nice smell go to moisturizer. Then take the coffee, and then pass to the next step. So they are always the usual five or ten minutes, but fragmented, broken into small steps that allow the skin to react.

It is also important to regularly scrub every week or ten days, to remove dead skin cells and to understand better the moisturizer. Then attention to the area around the nose. Massage the cream into the skin. In this area, the skin is frequently thicker and penetrates the product more difficult. If residue remains on the skin, the foundation will not take well and the skin will be shiny. You have to really rub – even better: pamper yourself a little – in the morning, to have a perfect base for a radiant face all day.

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