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Manage the joy and anger with natural remedies and serotonin

Manage-the-joy-and-anger-with-natural-remedies-and-serotonin-images-1Manage the joy and anger with natural remedies and serotonin You can find guide of beauty and wellness this and many other articles that talk new trends.
























Hormone serotonin mood benefits of health and wellness is a natural substance essential, is one of the most potent modulators body of mood, appetite, sleep and perception of pain and has a powerful effect on the brain . Serotonin is a natural substance essential, is one of the most potent modulators body of mood, appetite, sleep and perception of pain and has a powerful effect on the brain: fluctuations in its availability can cause depression, anxiety, feeding frenzy, insomnia, head and other common problems of everyday life. Serotonin is produced in the brain and nervous system of humans and animals through the recruitment of the nutrients in the food we consume. Millions of people take antidepressants every day to compensate for their low level of serotonin, without knowing that it would be enough to make the right changes to diet and lifestyle to radically change their mood: diet and exercise, a new way of eating and rest; exposure to sunlight, physical activity. A program designed to increase the level of serotonin in a natural way, bringing benefits to the health and well-being.


Serotonin – also known as the “hormone of humor”, 5-hydroxytryptamine or 5-HT – is a neurotransmitter synthesized in the brain and other tissues from dall’amminoacido essential tryptophan . Serotonin is involved in many important biological functions, many of which are still unclear, because, as all chemical mediators, and various works by interacting with specific receptors, with completion of a different effect depending on the region of the body in question. We can therefore compare the serotonin to a key, which exert their action needs to interact with specific locks, represented by its receptors, the interaction between the key and lock allows you to open doors that govern the control of brain activity and the whole body.

Manage the joy and anger with natural remedies and serotonin:

As a precursor of melatonin, serotonin regulates circadian rhythms by synchronizing the sleep-wake cycle with fluctuations endocrine daily. In the cardiovascular system, serotonin acts on the contraction of the arteries, helping to control blood pressure, stimulates the contraction of smooth muscles of the bronchi, bladder and large intracranial vessels (vasoconstriction of a massive cerebral arteries seems to trigger the migraine attack to like excessive vasodilation). Serotonin is also present in platelets, which stimulates the aggregation exerting vasoconstrictor activity and thrombogenic in response to the lesion of the vasal endothelium (eg in response to a trauma).

Serotonin is involved in appetite control and eating behavior, leading to early onset of satiety, a lower intake of carbohydrates in favor of protein and a reduction in general , the amount of food ingested. Not surprisingly, many people who experience a decline in mood (eg depression, pre-menstrual) feel an important need of sweet (rich in simple carbohydrates) and chocolate (contains and promotes the production of serotonin, it is rich in simple sugars , over that of psychoactive substances). Not surprisingly, therefore, some anorectic drugs useful in the treatment of obesity, such as fenfluramine, act by increasing the serotonin signal.

Manage-the-joy-and-anger-with-natural-remedies-and-serotonin-images-3The ingestion of carbohydrate stimulates the secretion of insulin, a hormone which facilitates the entry of nutrients into the cells, including the amino acids with the exception of tryptophan. Consequently, after the massive insulin secretion in response to hyperglycemia, the relative levels of tryptophan in the blood increases (because descend those of other amino acids). The relative increase in the tryptophan facilitates its passage in the central nervous system, where it increases the production of serotonin; what triggers a classic negative feed-back mechanism that decreases the craving for carbohydrates. With a similar method, serotonin levels also rise during physical exertion (which explains in part the antidepressant effects of physical activity), the excessive increase of this substance during a prolonged and strenuous effort is involved in the perception of fatigue.

serotinonergico The system is also involved in the control of sexual behavior and social relations (low serotonin levels seem to be linked to antisocial and aggressive behavior hypersexuality). Not by chance that some drugs that increase the release of serotonin and / or the activity of its receptors, such as ecstasy, induce euphoria, a sense of increased sociability and self-esteem. In addition to sexual behavior, serotonin has inhibitory effects on pain sensitivity, appetite and body temperature.

Manage the joy and anger with natural remedies and serotonin:

At the level of the central nervous system, serotonin present in defect is in fact due to shortfalls pathological mood; a lack of serotonin can then cause depressions, but also states of anxiety and aggression. Many antidepressants (such as Prozac) work by blocking the reuptake of serotonin, thus restoring and enhancing its signal, which is particularly low in depressed people, the same action is covered dall’iperico (or St. John’s wort). Some of these drugs simultaneously increase the signal of serotonin and the noradrenaline (serotonergic and noradrenergic effect, typical of duloxetine and venlafaxine). Some medications with properties antiemicraniche increase the signal serotonin (serotonergic receptor agonists are, such as sumatriptan), while other medicines taken for the same purpose have an opposite effect (pizotifen and methysergide)

Serotonin regulates motility and intestinal secretions, where the conspicuous presence of enterochromaffin cells containing serotonin; determines if present in excess diarrhea and constipation if present in the defect. This action, in particular, is sensitive to the interrelationship between the “enteric nervous system” and the brain (central nervous system – CNS) and explains why important psychophysical stress often have effects on intestinal motility. An excess of serotonin causes nausea and vomiting, and not surprisingly this is one of the major side effects of various antidepressants, such as Prozac (nausea occurs in the first week of therapy and then regress), ondansetron, a drug that acts as an antagonist of serotonin receptors, is instead a powerful antiemetic (prevents the gag reflex, particularly strong during cycles of chemotherapy).


E ‘can increase the serotonin in the brain, even without using drugs.
so is the food. For example, the dark chocolate (also to avoid gaining weight) produces an enzyme similar to serotonin. Eating chocolate produces a sense of well-being.

The St. John’s Wort or Hypericum called produces a sense of well-being lightweight, and is used in cases of depression read. The St. John’s wort has been used for centuries in cases of neuralgia or mental illness, and as a sedative in cases of insect bites or malaria. Hippocrates mentions it as medicine. New studies have shown its effectiveness in treating depression read. A 1996 study noted that “extracts Hipericum are much better than placebo give a similar effect to antidepressants classics.” The St. John’s wort is normally on the market and is recommended as a dose 300 mg three times a day.

Before going to sleep using milk caldoe honey in warm milk, there are substances that help produce serotonin.

In herbal medicine can also try hops and gentian.

Try to manage stress as much as possible, do not get too wrapped sense of responsibility like life or death, as the factory of money makes us believe.

Healthy living without smoking, alcohol, too much fat, then without proper nutrition abound in a certain type of food, proper rest, proper exercise.

Some argue that the dough contains substances that benefit your mood.

Manage-the-joy-and-anger-with-natural-remedies-and-serotonin-images-4Eating plenty of vegetables helps in the production of serotonin, because the amino acid tryptophan which is increased in its absorption.

The salad contains tryptophan, and it surely does not eat a lot of good.

Among the foods that contain tryptophan include in order of quantity: eggs and fresh cheese, white meat, pulses, seeds oleosie nuts, seafood, whole grains and low-profile and some vegetables (endive, spinach, potato, cabbage, asparagus, mushrooms, chard, lettuce), between the fruit banana and pineapple.

Rhodiola can increase by 30% the levels of serotonin in the central nervous system, substance capable of performing sedative-antianxiety.

Tibetan Rhodiola improves physical endurance and mental abilities, including memory increase.

Royal jelly is therefore an excellent tonic-stress on the nervous system, balances blood pressure, strengthens the tone of the heart muscle, natural antibiotic, speeds up metabolism, stimulates appetite and digestion , has antidepressant effects, accelerates recovery from illness, acts on pre-menstrual tension, against insomnia, by endowing the physical and intellectual, etc..

One last tip: the secretion of serotonin is linked not only to food but also to physical activity, sunlight and even falling in love. Having a person who loves us near it surely does not get better throughout the body and the mind.

Manage the joy and anger with natural remedies and serotonin:

Manage-the-joy-and-anger-with-natural-remedies-and-serotonin-images-8For those who suffer from intestinal motibilità due to stress and anxiety, is to eat a lot of bran, which is capable of stimulating intestinal peristalsis.

Tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin, which is transformed in the presence of B vitamins It ‘s very important, therefore, focus on foods rich in vitamin B, including fish, cereals, citrus, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, avocado and prunes. Do not forget the honey, rich in vitamin B, and therefore ideal to bring a smile to our day.

For vitamin B3 must choose milk, barley, beans and tomatoes, the B6 opt for fish, carrots and potatoes. Keeping a diet of foods rich in B vitamins you should be able to provide the body with a level of serotonin to resist to interference due to temperature changes and unexpected events.

Just a simple trick, like the chestnut mousse or a banana or a slice of pineapple, to directly stimulate the production of serotonin, which can be converted from ‘body into melatonin, important in regulating the sleep-wake cycle.
Seven pistachios a day and sleep well, rich in tryptophan, pistachios are useful to calm the ‘mood and reduce the’ anxiety, as long as they consumed natural, no added salt or chestnuts.

Pear, thanks to the ‘intake of fructose and glucose, may be a valuable reserve of energy for our body, to be used in a particular way against fatigue from typical’ autumn .

Manage-the-joy-and-anger-with-natural-remedies-and-serotonin-images-7E ‘has been shown that small doses of 5-HTP improve mood, reduce anxiety, make it more stable sleep and help to treat moderate forms of depression. This element is found in cheese and fowl.

Manage the joy and anger with natural remedies and serotonin:

And finally lithium is known as treatment of bipolar depressions, but it is very valuable, such as ore, to allow the body to increase brain function. and ‘today also referred to as element preventions of Alzheimer’s, and has been shown to be capable of blocking many of the channels that cause dementia. It ‘a very economical product and has no particular contraindications, although it is advisable to take some fatty acids to remove any toxic effect. The recommended dose is 10-20 mg per day.

You can find more articles, with tips and details on our beauty and wellness category. Thanks again for visiting and good continuation.

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