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Guide-of-wellness-for-Neck-pain-cure-with-salt-recipes-tips-image-3Cervical cure with salt natural remedies for wellness and health. You, too, suffer from cervical several years and – as the saying – you have to try them all? Drugs galore, cycles of massages, but still the problem persists? When severe pain, accompanied by dizziness and nausea, is how to behave? Now that’s a good question: how to behave? The rain and humidity, which these days are touching the whole peninsula, are certainly not in favor of the neck! Have you tried to treat the neck, to direct you to some grandmother’s remedy? Just the other day I came across the blog Fux – all handmade in which, thanks to the author of the blog, you can discover many grandma’s remedies and tips including

the possibility of treating the neck with salt:

Guide-of-wellness-for-Neck-pain-cure-with-salt-recipes-tips-image-4Here, then, how to cure cervical with salt

Instructions on how to cure cervical with salt

What you need

  • bags double flannel
  • sea salt (coarse)Proceed as follows:
    1. Heat in a pan the salt
    2. When the salt will begin to crackle is ready to be placed in the bag
    3. Close the bag with double flannelThere remains only support the bag with warm salt on the soreAs explained by the author herself Fux – all hand-made this remedy is also used for coughs (just place the bag on the chest), for muscle pain and in case rheumatism and stiff neck .


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