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The carrots, the ability to know how to play an instrument, a good glass of wine, have a happy marriage. These and many more of the elixir of life ‘driven out by science only in recent years, with ad hoc research to identify food habits and lifestyles can potentially increase the number of candles on the cake. A subject dear to all, and which ridiculed a year ago, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, claiming andarne hunting always with the aim of ruling the country for longer. The Adnkronos Health has tried to put together some piece, giving an overview of the main scientific research on the subject. Among the latest secrets shown by scholars to ensure a long life, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta have counted carrots.

Thanks to the presence of alpha-carotene, this vegetable would be able to reduce the risk of switching to ‘best activity. Among the most famous elixir of longevity figure of course sport. Many researches in recent years have shown that physical activity prolongs life. Among the many a study by researchers in Madrid and Stockholm: scientists have New-guide-of-tips-wellness-with-recipes-for-elixir-of-life-image-7shown, evidence at hand, that angling to the gym or outdoors stray chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and end up living longer. Athletes and former athletes, in fact, enjoy better physical health than those who do not practice or have never played sports.
At the table there are many potential allies to aspire to a long life and health. Between these oranges are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, essential to keep bones and blood vessels in shape. More recently we also tested the ability of these citrus fruits to prevent certain types of cancer and some serious cardiovascular pathologies from the apparatus. A protective function that would be associated with the high content of flavonoids. Then always chasing the research that has crowned the fish as a true elixir of life. It is a ‘shield anti-tumor, ally of the heart and arteries. The credit, provide researchers, it’s high content of valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Other undisputed protagonist of the field of study that goes in search of the secrets of longevity, red wine. There are many tests that show potential. Among these, for example, research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States, which has been identified as resveratrol, precious compound contained in the ‘nectar of the Dey, spoke about the aging process by slowing the degeneration of tissues, with a particular protection against the heart. So much so that drinking half a glass of red wine a day, researchers have estimated the Dutch Wageningen University, gives about 5 years more of life. The presence of resveratrol in grapes, pomegranate and in other plants, has earned the coveted title of the elixir of life to these foodstuffs.
Remedies at the table, but not only. To ensure a life of Methuselah, it is worth marrying. An editorial published in the ‘British Medical Journal’ in January, in fact, crowning the marriage as a true elixir of life. If you decide to put a wedding ring live longer, provide David and John Gallacher from Cardiff University, and as for him soaring the physical benefits, she sees improve their mental health. Provided, of course, that the relationship is strong and happy. But it is not only the lives of two to lengthen life years. Who is optimistic and able to enjoy life, shows a meta-analysis of 160 scientific studies, have better health and more generally bell. There is a relationship, the researchers said Canadian McMaster University, including a positive mental attitude and a better state of health, with positive repercussions for a longer life. Moreover, the solitude shortens life, and the love of friends and relatives is an ally of youth, which allows you to live healthier and longer. Although it was not perhaps we need research to prove it, Julianne Holt-Lunstad and colleagues at Brigham Young University wanted to give value to the scientific thesis, analyzing the results of 148 studies carried out in the past for a total of 300 000 people.

know how to play an instrument conducive to the cause of the aspirants Methuselah. A Northwestern University study published in the journal ‘Plose Onè, in fact, shows that the ability to strum keeps the brain young, in spite of the passing of the seasons. A surprise, Facebook is one of the secrets to a long and healthy life, at least when they are over 65 at the hottest allows choosing between social networks. An all-Italian study has shown that connect to Facebook every day for an hour has a beneficial effect on memory, keep active because it stimulated, and improves the mood of web surfers from gray temples. Sometimes the secret to living a long time is just around the corner. New-guide-of-tips-wellness-with-recipes-for-elixir-of-life-image-3Assume small but regular amount of lithium, a trace element which is located in running water and in certain foods, for example, can greatly promote longevity. It is the result of a study by scientists of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany), published on “European Journal of Nutrition ‘, according to which, therefore, the fountain of youth would be present in all the houses in order to draw would be enough to turn on the tap. To live longer, better then banish laziness and start studying. Sweating at the desk for years, including texts of greek or biology, is un’elisir of longevity ‘in rosà. Women most cultured and educated, in fact, live longer than the others and also affect the longevity of their partners. This suggests a Swedish research, published in ‘Epidemiology and Community Healthcare. The old adage ‘it is never too late seems to fit perfectly to the study of American Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, which shows how a healthy lifestyle, even when you have already taken off the 70 candles, can be the key to add another 20 on the cake. New-guide-of-tips-wellness-with-recipes-for-elixir-of-life-image-6To cross the finish line of the 90 areas, in other words, get busy with physical activity, healthy eating and throw the packet of cigarettes into the trash, for example, become the determining factors, in spite even of that which is written in the genes. According to U.S. researchers, in fact, if the gene accounts for about 30% on the front longevity, a healthy lifestyle is the master and is worth more than all the rest. A decisive role, in this sense, is played by what we bring to our tables. A friend of health that gives flavor to every dish is undoubtedly the olive oil, crowned by hundreds of studies that have shown the health-giving properties: antioxidant and mine ‘shield for the arteries.
Milk also has had its rewards. It is not only good for the growth of children and bones to fracture test. A study of the University of Reading and Cardiff (Gb) shows that it is a valuable ally of health, which is also true elixir of life. The numbers of research: drink a few sips every day reduces the risk of dying from a fifth struck down by a heart attack or a stroke. And that’s not all. More generally, the milk size by 15-20% the chance of dying from the disease. Healthy eating, therefore, but also eating little. A snip calories makes it possible to live longer and slow down the dreaded aging. The ‘care, definitely disliked by the greedy, could be a real therapy of longevity. On monkeys, at least, the remedy seems to work. In the study conducted by the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center and the 20-year stint primates have lived 20% longer with a calorie reduction of 30%. This translates, for us men, would be more or less than 6 years of life gained. But the research, published in the journal ‘Science, makes her an imperative: cut yes, but maintaining a good diet and balanced, rich in all the nutritional properties are essential to the body. First of all, the Mediterranean diet, which not surprisingly has earned the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO protected, just as the stones of Matera, the lagoon of Venice and The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. A heritage to bring to the table to protect the health, lengthen life years and delight the palate.

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