Recipes and beauty tips for makeup trends summer pedicure

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Pedicure summer 2012 trends cheerful and colorful nail-art foot care for the beauty of summer. The pedicure of the summer have to be a little more polished than the rest of the year, because in this season, our feet become the stars! Sheathed in heeled sandals


dizzying (the proposals of the major brands, including economic, for 2012 are absolutely fabulous) or comfortably resting on super flat shoes (but still glam), our ends, especially if beautiful tanned by the sun in this hot summer, may become even more attractive if decorate our nails so original, colorful and sophisticated perhaps, in conjunction with our look.

One of the most fashionable trends with regard to the pedicure for the summer of 2012 is undoubtedly what we might call “bon ton”. It is decorated in an extremely simple yet feminine their nails (which of course you should always keep in perfect order and cured), using soft colors and almost impalpable, perfect for walking to all of us, regardless of age and the type of look . Among the banks of the perfume you will find all the glazes they can do for you, in tones soft and sensual, like the various shades of pink, for example.


From colored candy to fuchsia, pink blush to the most delicate and fresh lilac. In conjunction with these tones so sweet, you can also use a silver glitter nail polish, which is much sounder, also be applied over an already stretched thin enamel color, to illuminate the tips. Very impressive!

flowers, polka dots, stripes … the most daring, the young ones, can have fun drawing on the balls of their feet of real works of art, perhaps diversifying fingernail to fingernail. You can request this type of pedicure beauty to your confidence, or, if you trust your manual, try out for themselves. In stores you will find the kits are suitable for this type of nail-art, for the effects very original and pretty. Also in this case, the colors will be very delicate, pastel, such as green peach water in combination with the pink and white to esempio.Anche cold colors such as blue and purple nails are perfect for building magnificent, which will sprout like small squares from your shoes.


There is absolutely necessary to match the pedicures to manicures, indeed. If you focus your attention on your feet with the glazes and the fantasies of an impact, even with application of glitter, beads or sequins glittering, better keep your hands restrained, using neutral colors and monochromatic glazes or not too bright. These photos give an ‘idea for the current trends, you will probably find some nice inspiration!