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Tips to makeup your lips with new trends in beauty for women

Tips-to-makeup-your-lips-with-new-trends-in-beauty-for-women-image-10Tips makeup to your lips with new trends in beauty for women You can find this and many other articles That Talk new trends for today’s modern lifestyle.





















The lips make-up: it showcases showing off all the new trends, offering the look of every kind, for every small or big occasion …

But beware! As for each composition, to Obtain a harmonic and beautiful, each element Which composes it must be in some way linked to the other, or at least of the same style.
The trick is to be in tune with the dress, hairstyle, jewelry, shoes, hair and all the elements That Make up your look.
The shop windows are filled with clothing evening dresses of every kind and of every style: elegant, extravagant, blacks, colorful, sober and full of rhinestones and sequins, ready to Satisfy every need, one’s taste or desire.
So first ask yourself and decide: which style you want to Adopt, as you want to be and / or look for this evening!?

Later you’ll have to find and match the various elements That fit your look for any occasion.

To help you, imagine three styles to choose from (elegant, special, eccentric)

Chosen style, you can find here tips for each element of make-up: lips.


For the elegant style



1) For the effect of the photo used before a bit ‘of Carmex (product that softens the lips, is not fat and therefore does not compromise the tenitura of lipstick) and with a pencil pink / apricot drawn lips in a uniform and compact. – Powdered and applied a layer of clear gloss.




2) For the photo used after the Carmex a pencil banana only the outer contour of the lips. – You will define your lips so negative. The pencil banana highlight the color of your lips which, even if they remain completely struccate, will be highlighted. – After the powder here applied clear gloss.


Tips-to-makeup-your-lips-with-new-trends-in-beauty-for-women-image-33) The photo is suitable for those who has a beautiful mouth and is already accustomed to the strong lipstick. – The red mouth is feminine, seductive and very elegant if known how to wear. – The procedure is the classic Carmex, red pencil to outline the outer boundary banana + pencil, face powder, lipstick applied with a brush. – Another veil of powder to fix the lipstick and finally a layer of transparent gloss.

For the particular style

Tips-to-makeup-your-lips-with-new-trends-in-beauty-for-women-image-41) Select the photo you need specific products: cream products desired colors + powder of the same shade. – It does not matter that they are lipstick or powder. – You can use as pencils and eye shadows, the important thing is that both the first and the second in cream powder, both of which must be pearly and / or iridescent. – Do not apply over gloss, the shine comes from the product itself


Tips-to-makeup-your-lips-with-new-trends-in-beauty-for-women-image-52) If you want to get the effect of the photo, it is very easy: – Apply the lipstick color. – When it’s time to apply the polish, gloss combined with a little ‘golden iridescent powder free. – Apply the new product over the lipstick. – More powder gold add to the gloss, the more obvious the effect, which vary in intensity depending on how you move in the room with more light on the lips very noticeable effect when you are in darkness soft effect. – The combination gloss + gold can also be applied not on everybody’s lips, but only on certain areas, such as in the photo.

Tips-to-makeup-your-lips-with-new-trends-in-beauty-for-women-image-63) In the picture we played drawing a heart on a red sequined black lipstick. – If it seems too obvious, you might get the same result but with a softer effect using quiet colors, such as a fuchsia pink lipstick and sequins or vice versa.


For the lips eccentric style


Tips-to-makeup-your-lips-with-new-trends-in-beauty-for-women-image-71) The mouth of the pictures you get: – with lipstick paiettato white with a side of red pencil, drawing some lovely hearts filled with red sequins, and finally applying the small hearts stickers. – In stores for kids is easy to find three-dimensional stickers. The subjects that may be suitable for New Year’s Eve are many and our make-up artist has found and chosen hearts.



2) In the photos her lips were filled with colored sequins. Here, the creative possibilities are endless, you can play with the combinations more personal and special. – Draw the outline of your lips with a pencil the same as the color of sequins you will apply. – With the same pencil filled with color the inside of the lips (if the glitter will not apply in a perfect way, the color will prevent note below).


Tips-to-makeup-your-lips-with-new-trends-in-beauty-for-women-image-9– Dab with powder, spread a thin layer of glue liquid glue to set or eyebrows, and then dab the glitter over the glue. – To shrink best you can do two layers waiting before applying the second, the first is dry.

You can find more December articles, with tips and details on our beauty and wellness category. Thanks again for visiting and good continuation.

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