News Stars Michael Phelps may lose medals’ s Olympic gold

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Michael Phelps at risk of losing Olympic gold medals to IOC; issuance of Louis Vuitton ad may have violated Rule 40
Article 40 prohibits athletes from appearing in non-sponsored ads Olympics between July 18 and August 15.
The gold medal-winning swimming champion 2012 could lose his gold medal after his steamer Louis Vuitton Internet hit last week.

According to the IOC Rule 40, the athletes are not allowed to appear in sponsored ads non-Olympic between July 18 and August 15.
Only the IOC Executive Board may make exceptions to this rule.

Violated Article 40 could lead to serious consequences, including removing the althete of his medals.
Louis Vuitton denies dropping photos before the agreed date of 16 August, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Phelps also claims to have nothing to do with the pictures around the web.

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