News Vip new Video of Belen in the Kitchen and Corona police

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A former member of the paparazzi has been done to stop by the police while he was on holiday in Capri. After the brawl touched a few days ago, here’s crown back again to get caught” by the police.
Corona, who for two months going through a relationship with the political Nicole Minetti, it has some restrictions to be observed, about times and places to stay.
For this reason, the police objected to the requirement of residence and he perhaps, shirtless, was explaining to the entitlement to vacation at the beach.
In addition to this, he added the fact, very serious for someone like Corona who earns a lot of money thanks to the disco, which has been denied entry to nightclubs
While the Crown has to deal with his situation, certainly very delicate, his ex-girlfriend Belen Rodriguez gets it big in the company of his beloved dancer, Stefano De Martino.
The other day her sister, Cecilia, has posted on Facebook a video of Belen and Stefano prepare a kitchen a nice plate of chicken with mustard.
The video, although very simple and homely, was once a real boom on the Net: thousands and thousands of views, “like” and shares.

Here’s the video:

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